Cerebral Genocide – pt. I

I’m new and not sure how or if I am allowed to start a new topic. I am in South Central Pennsylvania (Carlisle). Our local newspaper, The Sentinel, has some liberal commentary and I read one the other day concerning Scooter Libby and the Valerie Plame kerfluffle. There were many inconsistencies and downright falsehoods in the article, which I will post here.

I would be interested in any comments before I go back to this guy.

Ron Slakie

Thanks, Ron, for bringing this one to my attention…. 

 The Sentinel is a local paper in south-central Pennsylvania.  Their editorial columnist, Francis Volpe, wins the prize – to serve as the first exhibit of a phenomenon we call “cerebral genocide,” the systemathic extermination of rational thought.  Although this phenomenon is most often observed in Democrat thought, or lack thereof, it is sometimes witnessed in Republican circles as well (see McCain, John; Hagel, Chuck; and Specter, Arlen).  This first attack on coherent thought is in the context of the Scooter Libby trial…

Volpe asserts that Scooter Libby is on trial for lying to investigators, and he is correct.  But his central proposition is suspect, to say the least.  Volpe doesn’t think that whether or not Libby had anything to lie about is material to the case.  Let’s walk through it, so even a cerebral genocide henchman can understand.

Let’s get a couple simple, known facts established:

1) Everybody, and their mothers, knew Valerie Plame was a CIA agent.
2) Roughly 4,000,000 people admitted to discussing Plame’s identity before Libby ever did.
3) Quick: Can you describe, in detail, every topic discussed when you spoke with your spouse on June 14, 2005?

So, when Scooter Libby was interviewed by special council, he couldn’t remember the details of a conversation he had months prior.  Richard Armitage has publically stated that he was the person who most likely first mentioned Plame’s status.  Moreover, several other journalists have said, under oath, ther her status was common knowledge.

So I ask you, why in the world would Libby lie?  To assert that this question is immaterial to the case is a classic example of cerebral genocide.  I can’t think of a single, more important question! 

To plagerize a little from Jack Nicholson…  Take a man, remove all common sense and judgement, and you get a liberal.  Volpe does a great job at systematically exterminating rational, critical thought – well done.

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