Opening Day, Free Association, Poor Ana

We’re off!  The first installment of To Be Right is finally here.  So much to say and so little space.  If I were to say it all, it would be a free association exercise that would make Jefferson actually rise from the dead.  It’s not easy – deciding on topicality, that is.  Just look at what we have to choose from: Systematic extermination of common sense by Democrats in Congress (I call it cerebral genocide); Two articles on gas prices, both by liberals, one says we should increase gas taxes by $2 a barrel, the other says Ana Rosales may have to move her home (and her 10 month old daughter) if gas prices go any higher; Everything is bad – no matter what…growth is great!  Nah uh – it is making inflation rise; Hillary Clinton delivers her vote to go into Iraq “with much conviction” and now she’s a cut and runner; Who the heck is Obama?

As enticing as this little list is, I got to really feeling bad about poor Ana Rosales.  I mean – what’s she going to do?  Gas prices are driving her out of her home.  A recent article in the Seattle Post Examiner dragged her out as a victim of (Bush induced) gas prices.

Last week I paid $14.00 for 2 beers and didn’t bat an eyelash. I am prone to do this from time to time, sometimes even jumping the 2 beer bar.  Yet Ana Rosales might have to move because  gas prices are too high? 

Okay – let’s do some math – not my strong point…  If gas were $1.00 a gallon, and you have a Toyota that gets 20 miles to the gallon and you drive round trip 30 miles a day, you spend $12.00 every 8 days on gas (assuming 12 gallon tank).  So in a month, that’s roughly 50 bucks.  If gas prices are $2.00, Ana is out an extra 50 bucks a month.  This is enough to make her move?!  Come on!  What are moving expenses?  New cable hook up (wanna bet she can afford $75/month for cable?); New phone hook up – $25; Rental truck for the day – $65.00 ($35.00 + $1.00 per mile); Missed day of work – $80; Maybe a beer for her and her 10 month old after the hard move – $14.00.  So Ana is going to have to move her home and family because she spends 50 bucks more per month on gas today, than she did in 1987.  Puleeeze.  How about this – get rid of your cable TV and subscribe to a newspaper, or don’t get the 2 beers.  Problem solved.  

Meanwhile, David Ignatius (definitely not conservative) thinks we should have a $2 per gallon gas tax.  Hmmm, dueling liberal thought.  Well, I guess we could just put a 20% surcharge on all income over $60,000 (the rich) and subsidize Ana.

Funny – anybody ever think…if gas prices are too high, what if we had more of it?  Gee Linus, what do you suppose would happen?  But wait – we can’t get more.  If we were to drill in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Coast of California, what would China, Cuba and Venezuala do?

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