Just an Agenda Item?

The Christian right is composed of simplistic robots, who have near zero complexity in their political thinking.  They will vote Republican every time because of gay rights and the abortion issue.


This, however, is what liberals seem to think. They are clueless. E.J. Dionne sums up the position well…

The political maestros can’t abide any serious evangelical Christian daring to broaden the agenda beyond the limited set of issues (notably, opposition to abortion and gay rights) that keep the faithful voting Republican.

Of course, evangelicals are overwhelmingly pro-life. But this is not their defining political trait. It is faith in God that is the pivotal value, from which political leanings are derived.

Here’s a simple exercise…

Ask yourself this question: Where does your freedom come from?

What’s your answer?

Come on… you can do it…

Okay, I’ll help. First, does it come from a man? No, it doesn’t. No man is born superior to any other man. No man is in a position to impose his will on another man, unless he makes this imposition by force.

Second, does it come from government? No, it doesn’t. Governments are an extension of man – see above.

If it doesn’t come from man, and by extension, from government, it must come from… God.

This is the factor that drives most evangelicals to vote Republican. As soon as you attribute political freedom to God, the moral code set up by organized religion takes on a central role in further developing political thought. Moreover, the same moral code is then used to develop all kinds of social constructs from the laws we create to the mores and folkways we follow.

This line of thinking is anathema to the left. If there is absolute right wrong, standards of acceptable behavior suddenly become most difficult to acheive, unless of course your moral compass is guided by adherence to judeo-christian standards. Since the left overwhelmingly subscribes to secular-progressive standards, that is, to define your own, this model breaks down. Worse, the model becomes the target of scorn and an attempt to prevent the model from popular acceptance is vigorously pursued.

Gay rights and pro-life are two agenda items that the Christian right pursue, that much is true. But this is but a by-product of a much more significant conviction: The belief that God gives us freedom and defines right and wrong in absolute terms.

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