Forget US Civics – Let’s Teach Marxism

Update: John J. Miller has a great piece on this on NRO: See Banning Legos.

Liberals often deny that there is a left bias in the media.  They also deny that schools are indoctrinating students with leftist ideology.  But there is no more denying the latter, now we have communists openly standing proud and touting their indoctrination.

At Hilltop Center in Seattle, they have started teaching kids the merits of collectivism and the evils of private ownership.  When the students spent a great deal of effort building a legotown, they began to feel a sense of ownership of the buildings they constructed with their hard work and creativity.  This is a bad thing according to the teachers at Hilltop.  The legotown was accidentally destroyed and the teachers used the occasion to preach the virtues of Soviet era communism:

We saw the decimation of Lego-town as an opportunity to launch a critical evaluation of Legotown and the inequities of private ownership and hierarchical authority on which it was founded. Our intention was to promote a contrasting set of values: collectivity, collaboration, resource-sharing, and full democratic participation.

Collectivity? Resource sharing? What?!

It gets better. The teachers go to great lengths to support their decision (evidently without actually learning anything about the history and failure of communism). What we find is that they back up their absurd lesson with classic Marxism.

In Legotown, the children had constructed a social system of power where a few people made the important decisions and the rest of the participants did the grunt work.

How’s that for a perfect paraphrasing of Marx – the struggle between the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. So now we have Soviet style communism wrapped in the cloak of Marxism. Nice.

It gets worse. Just take a look at the “consensus about three core agreements” that these teachers forced on the children:

  • All structures are public structures. Everyone can use all the Lego structures. But only the builder or people who have her or his permission are allowed to change a structure.
  • Lego people can be saved only by a “team” of kids, not by individuals.
  • All structures will be standard sizes.

So, nobody owns a house, and every house built is just like every other. How’s that for incentive?!

These consensus agreements “…returned the Legos to their place of honor in the classroom.”

The case for parochial school has been made.

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