Give us an Excuse

Iran is itching for a fight.  Alright then, just give us an excuse.  The AP is reporting that Iran seized two naval vessels and 15 British sailors yesterday. The British government has demanded their immediate release.

If a fight is what Iran wants, a fight is what they’ll have. But wait – before rushing to the aid of our biggest ally, we must first get passed the roadblocks sure to be erected by Democrats in Congress. The appeasers will undoubtedly make calls for dialogue and negotiations and other ineffectual, meaningless, liberal tripe. The sad part is that they will probably erect said roadblocks for no reason other than to garner favor with the far left as we come into the next political season. This hasn’t happend yet, but if I know liberals….just wait.

We should make it very clear to Iran that these sailors, boats, and equipment will be returned immediately, or we will use the full power of the US Military to aid Britain in securing their return.

Update: 11:04 AM 3/23 I thought for sure it would start from the left. I guess, if you think about it, it has. McCain doesn’t disappoint – why doesn’t he just get it over with and become a Democrat?

CHICAGO U-S Senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain says there isn’t much America can do about Iran’s decision to take British military personnel into custody this morning.

That’s the spirit, John!

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