I almost turned it off…

Ever watch someone perform so miserably that you were actually embarassed for that person?  Or see something on TV or hear something on the radio so embarassing that you could not stand to watch or listen?

Yesterday, when I heard the sound bite of Hillary doing her southern-talk, I almost went off the road.  First I was laughing, then I had a weird embarassment for her, then I got irritated.   I was saying (outloud to myself), “No way!  Stop!  You’ve got to stop!”  But it just went on and on…

Here’s the thing – though I was merely amused and slightly annoyed at the newest display of Clintonian pandering, if I were a southerner I’d be downright pi%&ed off.  Hillary sounded like a north-eastern liberal imitating a hillbilly yokel at a Manhattan cocktail party.  What, Hillary needs to speak like an imbeccile in order for a southern crowd to understand?  Because you know, southerners can only comprehend meaning if you dumb-down your speech. 

They say a team is only as fast as its slowest runner.  Well, it seems that Hillary thinks the entire south-eastern geography is the slow kid on the US team.  Their collective simple-mindedness requires extended vowels, over enunciation and as many monosyllabic words as possible to have even a remote chance of comprehension.

The icing on the cake was hearing Barack Obama giving a speech in the same city.  He was markedly inarticulate in his speech, because of course he had to be; otherwise his constituency wouldn’t have understood a word of it. 

Question of the day: Which is worse, a conservative saying that a black person is articulate, or an articulate black person purposefully speaking inarticulately while pandering to other blacks?  Offensive.  Simply offensive.

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