I Just Want to Lose Sooooo Bad…

Bush is arrogant.  Bush doesn’t listen to anyone but Karl Rove.  Bush is incompetent.  Bush didn’t plan for the war properly.  On and on and on and on.  This is the mantra.  This is, in effect, the Democrat strategy. 

But wait – a strategy is a high level plan of action.  Simply bashing Bush surely can’t be considered strategy…


In the complete absence of any coherent policy, all we can do is rely on what we hear the left saying.  We’re forced to conclude that the calculated direction – the strategy – of the left is to tear down Bush.

Forget substance, forget ideas, and forget anything in the way of problem solving or real thinking of any kind.  If you’re looking for the Democrat position, all you have to do is blame Bush.  It doesn’t even really matter what you blame him for.  From gas prices, to global warming, to some maniac blowing himself up in Baghdad, it’s all Bush’s fault.  This is the essence of the Democrat strategy.

In a vacuum, this…eh…strategy is benign.  But in the context of the real world, pursuing this strategy will at best weaken the US position as the only superpower and at worst, cause catastrophic damage and death on a scale that we have never imagined.

Why is it so hard to understand that a chaotic Iraq will not only destabilize the mid-east, but would also be a safe heaven for terrorists?  Like so many simple concepts, this one seems to evade the MSM and other leftist “news” outlets.  Once terrorists have a base of operations, strategizing and planning operations against US targets is made easy.

Fortunately, in their zeal to hate Bush, the Democrats in Congress are all over the place with their so-called plans.  The “plans” are really just variations on how best to lose: There’s the Murtha “get out now” contingent; The 5 dozen or so Democrats in the “Out of Iraq Coalition”; Democrats in the Senate who want to withdrawal by November 07, or May 08, or sometime, they don’t really know; There’s the Hillary camp – just make sure I don’t have to deal with it in 09; And let’s not forget Chuck Rangel’s “Let’s de-fund the war” group, which overlaps slightly with the Out of Iraq Coalition.

In all of this, there isn’t one actual plan for success – not a single instance.  All of this talk of incompetence and lack of planning aimed at Bush, but not a single Democrat has put forth anything other than “let’s just pack up and leave.”   Not a single one has even attempted to address the “what then?” question.

Dan Froomkin doesn’t even think a chaotic Iraq will have any security impact on the US at all.  His plan for defeat cloaked as a news “special” says it all – even it’s title is telling: They Won’t Follow Us Home.

This is all instructive – conservatives and the Republican party should use this to their advantage.  The all emotion-no substance Democrat strategy should be easy to overcome.  Republicans just have to come out from under their desks and do it!

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