Investigate Anything

The President decides to fire 8 US attorneys – let’s investigate him! I almost can’t believe it. Is this part of the “if we take back the House and Senate we’re going provide the necessary oversight?”

Oversight my %$&.

The Republicans aren’t without fault here. I have never seen such a display of spineless cowering in my life. Stand up and fight for your dignity and honor!

What is most painful to me is that tax revenue – my money – is being used to fund these buffoons. The same people that bellyache about spending money for the war on terror, have no qualms about funding a 3 year meaningless investigation, or using valuable government resources to fund an investigation into…firing eight people.

Newflash: The President can fire any US attorney at any time. He can fire any US Attorney for any reason. So we need a congressional investigation to figure this out? I’ll send this little blog on to Pelosi – mystery solved, no investigation needed.

I’m not even going to get into what Clinton did.

Andrew McCarthy from the National Review Online sums it up better than I could ever hope to…

So we have classic Washington farce. The politicians on Capitol Hill theatrically castigate the politicians in the administration for making political decisions about political appointees based on political considerations. The politicians in the administration reply, “That would never happen,” before conceding that it precisely happened … without their knowledge, of course. And the political press is aghast.

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