It Makes Perfect Sense

The President can fire any US Attorney at any time for any reason, period.  This is not in dispute.  The Democrats have 2 main talking points on this.  First, the firings were politically motivated.  Second, the firings were a cover up; an attempt to halt ongoing inverstigations into Republicans.

On the first point, here is the only response necessary:  So what? 

This should settle the issue once and for all.  Like usual, I’ll have to draw this in crayon so that those on the left can understand.  (Speaking very, very slowly…)  The President can fire any US Attorney for any reason at any time.  Get it?  Simple, eh?

On the second point, I would ask for a single piece of evidence.  Anything at all.  Something.  Anything.  Except there is nothing.  There is not a single piece of evidence that a crime was being covered up.  Not one.

So why are Democrats going to subpoena Karl Rove and others?

Because the only Democrat desire is power.  They don’t want to solve any problems.  In fact, a solid argument could be made that over the last 50 years Democrats have actively worked against the US citizenry and undermined the US Constitution.  Want evidence?  How about consistently removing incentive, imposing burdonsome regulation, using confiscatory taxing, punishing success, rewarding failure, enaging in class warfare, inflaming race relations, and undermining our sovereign borders?  That’s just a start…how about indoctrinating American youth with Marxist ideology?  How about creating excuses for child rapists?  How about confiscating and reselling private property for tax revenue?

This is a short list, but the idea comes through.  The Democrats will do anything to tear down institutions that demand personal responsibility.  To this end, they create government roadblocks to success, as shown above.  Why?


They want power at any cost.

Here we have a clear picture.  By discrediting and tearing down the Bush Administration, even under false pretenses, they hope to gain political favor and thus, improve their power position.

Aren’t you glad that the US Senate is wasting their time (see paragraph 1) while:

– Iran is developing nukes
– 36% of DC residents are functionally illiterate
– North Korea is thumbing their nose at the world and developing nukes
– We have tens of thousands of troops deployed in Irag and Afghanistan
– There is a global effort by radical Islam to kill as many Americans as possible
– We have somewhere between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens in our country
– There’s more but you get the point

Would it be too much to ask for Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein to do their job?  Which, incidentally, does not include management of the Chief Executive.  That’s according to the US Constitution, though it doesn’t seem to matter to power hungrey democrats.

 PS: It is noteworthy that the Democrats are also trying to undermine the US Constitution by allowing DC to have 2 Senators and a Congressman.  The US Constitution reserves this right exclusively for states.  At least in this case, even if they are successful in poking a little hole in the Constitution, it shouldn’t have much impact – over a third of DC residents won’t be able to read the ballot. 

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