Needed: A Dose of Humility?

President Bush is finishing up his trip to Latin America, where his road show highlighted US aid to Latin America, especially with regard to poverty, education and medical assistance.

For his (and by extension, our) trouble, he was greeted with chanting, sometimes violent mobs, who think the USA is an evil, warmongering nation of thugs.  Nice.

Karin von Hippel, International Studies extraordinaire, writes in today’s Washington Post that…

…U.S. development assistance overall would be improved by a dose of humility.

That’s just what we need! While we’re pumping billions of dollars into these ungrateful countries, we should be humbled by the experience. How lucky we are to be able to help such people!

We can give away every dime of our hard earned money to these countries, but if they insist on voting themselves into servitude, our money will never help. As long as these foolish people turn their backs on their own freedom (see 2006 Venezuela elections) why should we be left with the humanitarian mess to clean up? If these people would clean up corruption and vote for someone other than socialists and dictators, they might have a chance…without help from the USA.

Free trade – great. Free enterprise – great. Free money to people who seem to hate us – bad.

How about this for a 4 point plan:

  1. No more US dollars on any social development for these ingrates.
  2. National guard on the entire southern border.
  3. Free trade? Just fine if they build something (on their own) that Americans actually want.
  4. A call from our political leaders for some gratitude on their part, not humilty on ours.

I’m tired of spending my hard earned dollars on trying to help people who just spit in our collective face at every opportunity. I’m no isolationist, but #&^% these people.

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