Specter, pt. II.

In an effort to practice what we preach…  The following was sent to Arlen Specter on 3/36/07 at 10:24AM:

Dear Senator Specter:

I am writing to express my complete disappointment in the disgraceful position you have taken with regard to the Bush Administration firing 8 US Attorneys.

Democrats are single-minded in their efforts to discredit the President. Democrats even seem to put this effort ahead of the most important work of securing our country. The Democrat desire for power is driving their actions with regard to Alberto Gonzales; they hope to garner favor with their base for the upcoming elections. This, I understand.

What I don’t understand, is why on earth a Republican would echo Democrat calls to haul members of the administration to Congress? This is at best political grandstanding, and at worst, incompetance. You said yourself on Meet the Press that the Attorneys served at the pleasure of the president. Therefore, why they were fired doesn’t matter. Absent a single shred of evidence that the firings were a cover-up, pursuing this is irresponsible and works against everything that Republicans are fighting for, not to mention our beloved US Constitution.

I urge you to re-think your position and do the right thing: make every effort to stop this political witch-hunt.

Respectfully and Sincerely,
G. Harry Brooks

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