Securing Insanity

Liberals just can’t get it right.  Every problem in the world, every social wrong, every bad situation is somebody’s fault.  It has to be this way because it is the only avenue for victimizing the greatest number of people and victimization is the basis for many, if not all, liberal constructs. 

32 college kids are murdered (the killer is not worthy of including in the count) and the first thing heard on the breaking news is about how the University didn’t protect the kids.  One hysterical buffoonologist after another using their so-called expertise to castigate the University Administration and the University Police for not protecting the kids.  This without the benefit of ANY facts about the case – only bits and pieces of broken-down word of mouth. 

Here’s a novel thought: It’s the killer’s fault! 

There is nobody to blame here except the killer.  The knee-jerk liberal reaction is to blame someone, create as many victims as possible, and institute a government agency to “help” the victims deal with it.  The families of the victims have been punished enough – one would hope that the aforementioned buffoonologists would let them mourn, without holding up the University adminstration or some poor local police chief for blame. 

In short, there is no possibility of protecting the innocent from a homicidal maniac.  All the lockdown procedures in the world can’t stop a madman from killing if that’s what his mind is set to.

(At the risk of sounding more rant-like than usual….)

And another thing, I don’t give a damn why he did it.  I don’t care how bad his childhood was.  I don’t care if he didn’t have a father figure.  I don’t care if his mother beat the crap out of him regularly.  None of it matters.  The monster that perpetrated this carnage is dead, that much we can be thankful for.  Let’s not get wrapped up in trying to analyze it because there is nothing to analyze.  This is what liberals don’t get; evil, pure and simple, does exist.

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