How about this for Bias…

There’s no liberal bias in the press. 


I glanced down at yesterday’s Washington Post and see this headline:

Immigration Compromise Faces New Opposition

Proposal Stays Alive, But Foes Lie in Wait

Do I even need to pick this apart? Alright, just a little…

The very first word, “Immigration” gives an air of legitimacy. This is not about immigration. This is about people knowingly and deliberately breaking the law, violating our borders and residing illegally in the US.  Not to mention all the illegal activities that inevitably follow like fake ID’s, assuming Social Security numbers, and tax evasion to name a few.

“Compromise.” Sure, there are some Republicans and some Democrats involved with crafting this piece of garbage. But this is no compromise. This is Ted Kennedy and a couple Republican hacks like Arlen Specter, who should be dispatched from office as soon as the next election permits.

The best part about this utterly biased piece is “…But Foes Lie in Wait.”


What exactly does “lie in wait” represent? What typically does this? A snake will lie in wait. An alligator will lie in wait. Any beast who is about to pounce on prey will lie in wait. So too, according to Jonathen Weisman, will Conservatives waiting to pounce on the kind and gentle compromisers.

The article isn’t nearly as bad as the headline, but it still lays the blame of the fate of this bill at the hands of Conservatives. And it never identifies the bill for what it is: Christmas in May for illegal aliens.

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