Jimmy Buffett said it best when he said, “…and it was so simple like the Jitter Bug it plum evaded me.”

Immigration is a simple problem.  The political hacks on the left AND on the right are making it out to be some colossal, multi-faceted problem.  Not so.  Here is the solution to the illegal immigration problem: Secure the borders.  Done.  See?  Simple, eh?

I don’t care how – use our well-regulated militia, build a fence, build a wall, fly drones, use laser beams…I don’t care!

Someone want to tell me what securing the border has to do with 12 million illegal aliens who are already here?  I would argue that one has nothing to do with the other.  Yes, one problem is a result of the other.  But why do we need “comprehensive reform” right now?  I for one, could care less about the 12 million illegals – for now.  My first concern is to secure the borders.  Then, and only then, should we start thinking about how deal with the illegal alien problem.

And another thing… the illegal alien problem has been framed all wrong.  We should be thinking about how to prevent the 12 million from sapping our national resources.  How to keep them from using services designed and paid for by American citizens.  Instead, the kooks on the left and the spineless jellyfish on the right are trying to find ways to allow illegals access to our national coffers.  Unbelieveable.

We have to unite in booting out of office every Republican that has shamefully sided with Ted Kennedy on this as well as any politician who has uttered the words “comprehensive plan.”  If GWB wasn’t out anyway in 09, this would be aimed at him too.  While this covers soe Republicans, it covers almost ALL democrats – they are even worse. 

Secure the borders.  Prevent illegals from using our tax dollars.  Simple.

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