What They Stand For

The Republican debate last night was a mere blip on the radar screen.  For the talking heads, Election 08 is in full swing.  For normal Americans, it is only May 2007 and we are interested in more pressing issues; building businesses, spring landscaping, getting the kids through the school year, etc.

Interestingly, even at this early date each candidate seems to have latched on to a pet issue.  For Giuliani, it’s terrorism; for Tancredo, it’s immigration; for McCain it’s restricting free speech and partnering with Ted Kennedy. 

Single issues aside, none of the candidates are focusing on the right topic.  Although each is a self-professed “Reagan Conservative” they are far, far off the mark.  I wish one of the candidates would frame their positions in terms of freedom.  After all, that is the fundamental that drives everything we do.

Taxes: We should be FREE from the heavy handed, non-producing government, which imposes draconian taxes on it’s most productive citizens and leaves non-productive citizens alone.

War on Terror:  Every bullet fired and wire tap issued serves to secure our FREEDOM from those who would kill or oppress us.

Religion: Progressives, liberals and socialists would have all religion stripped out of anything remotely observable by the public eye.  They seem to forget all about “…the FREE exercise thereof.”

Abortion:  All men are born FREE, but before that you can kill them at will.

Immigration: FREEDOM means being able to protect your property and the collective right of Americans to protect the sovereign United States. 

Gun Control: The very name of this issue says it all.  Americans are FREE to own guns.  This freedom is expressly guaranteed in our constitution.  History shows us that the very first thing a despot does in rising to power is to disarm the public.  (See Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler for reference.)

Virtually every single aspect of American politics can be boiled down to the cause of FREEDOM.  It is telling that almost without exception, leftist “freedom” includes dependancy on government.  That’s not freedom at all, that it tyranny.  It would be most helpful if our group of ten condidates would choose this as their agenda item, instead of some sound bite that may get talk time from the aforementioned heads.


  1. Doug Edmunds says:

    We have two presidential candidates that are very concerned about how the rest of the world views us. In fact, one of them is so desperate for worldly acceptance that he wants us to become more like them. Europe, Asia, the Far East, have all rejected the one, true God (I acknowledge there are pockets of righteousness here and there). Socialism, the sanctity of the government of Man, or the iron fist of totalitarian religion rules every nation. Even Israel, the most holy of places, has embraced military strength to maintain its existence.

    America is the ONLY nation that could be considered Christian. And as such it has been blessed. Yet, we continue to elect those that promise things they can never deliver. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are fruit of the spirit, not of Man’s government. We have embraced the idols of prestige, power, possessions, and doing what we see as right in our own eyes.

    It is NOT our form of government, our wealth, our diversity, our enterprising, hard-working citizens, our military power, or anything else that has given us such blessings of freedom, peace, and prosperity. It is ALL provided by our Biblical Father God that has chosen and rewarded us for our faithfulness; providing our founding fathers with Godly wisdom that formed our great constitution. Yet, this favor is in jeopardy.

    Can we actually believe that God will stand idly by while we, a chosen people, turn our backs on Him and demand a King?
    That’s what Israel did. They wanted a king like other countries instead of relying on Him alone. The result? They were divided, defeated, dispersed, and up until 1947 were without a country.

    Obama, McCain, or any other politician or political party can deliver peace and prosperity. Only God can. And we have to do it His way.

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