A Fourth of July Message: Liberals Hate Freedom

Thought that might get your attention…  Watching Fox News this morning, Page Hopkins introduced a segment on Independance Day fireworks.  It seems that there are some municipalities that are moving to prevent fireworks displays because of, get this…environmental concerns.

I started thinking…almost EVERY day I watch some form of news and at some point, sit back in disbelief and say, “You liberals have got to be kidding me!”  That’s just what I did this morning.  This effort to prevent fireworks displays is just another effort by liberals to remove any feeling of national pride and to further restrict how everyday Americans live.  After all, America, they say, is no better than any other country.  That includes Cuba and Venezuela, which are countries often held up as ideals we should strive for. 

Here’s something for liberals to chew on, er uh, breath in…  According to the US Geological Survey, there are 1511 active volcanos on the earth and another estimated 10,000 undersea!  The USGS reports that Kilauea alone belches out some 2000 tons of Sulfur Dioxide EVERY DAY.  And liberal environmentalists are worried about firecrackers and roman candles once a year?

You don’t need to look up facts from the USGS to know this.  And that is why I am so suspect of liberal motivations.  If somewhere in California they cancel fireworks because of hyper-dry conditions and the fear of starting a fire – I get it.  But that’s not what this is about.  This is about liberals wanting to remove any sense of patriotism and pride in America’s freedom and liberty under God.  It’s that simple. 

You see, freedom and liberty under God are a threat to the way liberals think.  Freedom means the ability to live life as one chooses, without fear of retaliation, coersion, or other act of oppression by the government.  Liberalism is set up specifically to make people subordinate to government, so freedom is essentially anathema to liberalism. 

Liberty under God is also a notion that contradicts liberalism at its core.  All you have to do is ask a liberal where they get their freedom and you’ll see what I mean.  You’ll most often get a blank stare followed by some rambling about how they love democracy.  Ha!  The truth is, that liberty is a gift from God to man, not from one man to another. 

If you remove God from the socio-political equation, you get liberalism.  A way of thinking that allows one man to be the arbiter of freedom for other men.  Thinking that allows no personal responsibility, as the only moral guide is the one created by the individual.  So behavior, no matter how extreme, is to be accepted in the name of tolerance for anothers choice.  Thinking that excoriates private ownership.  Thinking that would allow the government to decide who gets to keep earned wealth and in fact, confiscates and redistributes it.  So liberalism, I dare say, is an evil faith that must be extinguished.  (I say “faith” because this ideolgy has replaced a belief in God.)

Liberalism seeks to combat and destroy all that has made this country great.  Our heritage, faith, principles, and freedom itself.  It started with forbidding the use of certain words in the PC movement and continues with things like removing references to Jesus from school Christmas carols and yes, preventing Fourth of July fireworks.  Stand up against it.  Take action.  Stay informed and do anything you can to prevent this evil from spreading more than it already has.

Happy Fourth of July.  God bless America.

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