Suprised? I’m not…

Did John Edwards put something in the water at Main Stream Media HQ?  Why on earth is everyone so suprised that there was a terror plot in the UK?  I’m not at all.  

The jihadists have been TELLING us that they are going to do this.  They have been swearing on their very lives that they will spill innocent blood in an effort to defend their religion.   So what’s the suprise?  What’s the shock?

Memo to John…  Uhhh, how’s this for a war on terror?  Not much of a bumper sticker any more, is it?

How about the wonder expressed over the choice of targets?  The talking heads have been making a big deal over the fact that the target was Scotland.  Have terrorists EVER been that discerning?  No.  Here’s a winner – in today’s Wahsington Post the CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation theorized that the choice of Glasgow was because the new PM is Scottish – otherwise, the target doesn’t make sense.  As he puts it…

“That was probably a major factor in this,” said M.J. Gohel, chief executive of the Asia-Pacific Foundation, a London policy group that specializes in security issues. “Otherwise, it makes no sense as to why they would pick that particular moment as well as Glasgow as a target.”

What?! Since when does a terrorist target “make sense?” A few years ago a bunch of peace loving Muslims took over a school and a bunch of little kids ended up dead. Countless non-military targets have been attacked – where is this buffoon’s frame of reference? Evidently, he has none.

Next we’ll be hearing about how the end of the world is fast approaching because capitalism is making the Earth’s temperature rise. Wait, we already heard that…


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