Arrogence the Wright Way

So, everybody’s favorite misunderstood patriot, Rev. Wright is back in the spotlight.  When I first heard that he was going to be doing an interview with Bill Moyers I thought, “What a fool this guy is…doesn’t he know that he is hurting Obama?!” 

But then, I started thinking…

Collectively, conservatives are a spineless bunch.  Out here in the blogospere we’re not, but our leaders are publically jellyfish.  Given this, I know just what Obama/Wright are going to do.  Wright will strut into the interview with the leftist Moyers, knowing full well he will be given only softball questions.  Wright will be given full opportunity to wax poetic about how he loves America and how he is just misunderstood; the product of knee-jerk, insensitive, white conservatives.  He will brazenly accuse all those who question him as being, at minimum, uncaring dupes of the Republican party and at worst, racists.

Here’s the fun part – the media and Republicans in office will let him get away with it.

I know this to be true, because one only needs to look into the very recent past to see how this national duping has occurred many times before.  How about the whole “Bush lied” thing?  It doesn’t matter that every intelligence agency from MI5 to Mossad to the CIA agreed with Bush, or that Democrats from Hillary Clinton to Al Gore agreed with him as well?  The Republicans in office and the media all let the “Bush lied” lie to propagate unchallenged.  The media does so because it serves their leftist agenda. The Republicans in office do so because the war is unpopular and they want votes in the next election – in short, they are spinless and self-serving.

So, when Wright goes on with Moyers and is given a friendly forum in which he will undoubtedly go unchallenged, I have no doubt that the media and our elected Republicans will roll over for him.

Since the left knows that all they have to do is make audacious proclamations and do so loudly and repeatedly, they will be given a free pass.  (See global warming for reference.)  Obama is probably behind Wright going out in public again because he knows all of this.  If you are arrogent enough, and the left is, you will be treated with kid gloves.

Let’s just hope that those of us out here can make enough noise to keep the real motivations of Wright exposed (anti-American, racist, conspiracy hound).

I for one, will stay vigilant.

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