Just Because I Hang Out With Them….

Picture this…  There’s a group of guys standing on a corner in the middle of the day.  The guys are wearing bandanas on their heads, they are covered in tatoos, most are heavily muscled, and all have a forboding look about them. 

Now, go ahead and make a judgement.  It’s okay, you have permission to judge.  Go ahead.

So what did you come up with?

Drug dealers?  Maybe.  Gang members?  Possibly.  Unemployed?  Perhaps.  A men’s group planning a fundraiser for disabled children?  I doubt it.

This example is instructive for a couple of reasons.  First, is that it is okay to judge.  Making sound judgements about who people are and what their intentions are can well save your life, or at lease help make life easier.

Second, it illustrates the truism that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.

It is this second point that applies to Barrack Obama.  Over and over again we observe Obama hanging out with the proverbial gang on the corner, yet we are expected to believe him when he says that just because he hangs out with them doesn’t mean he thinks like they do.  Uh, then why is he hanging out with them?

What makes this even more telling, is that the guy deflects and distorts and tries to turn the conversation into something about THEM.  When in fact, it is about HIM.  Let me explain…

On Reverend Wright, for example.  Obama says that while he disagrees with the man’s positions on a variety of topics, he still holds him dear as a mentor and spiritual advisor.  By itself, I might buy this.  Enter William Ayers.  Obama is also friendly with this clown.  Not just friendly, but friendly to the point where Ayers held a fundraising/oraganizational meeting at his home on behalf of Obama and they have made speeches together. 

So, now there are two people in Obama’s life who are fervently anti-American, but who Obama hangs out with anyway.  But we are to believe that he shares no opinions with them.

Then we have Michelle Obama, who has never been proud to be an American.  Until her husband started doing well in the primaries, that is.  Huh?  Nuff said.

Watch for Obama to continually try to shift the conversation to whether or not Wright and Ayers are bad people.  He will do everything he can to keep the focus of these open questions off of what HE thinks.

Judgements of character are key to choosing our elected officials.  Obama is showing his true colors by hanging out with the bad crowd.  But don’t worry, he doesn’t really think anything like them.

You know…it just occurred to me…even if he is being truthful and he doesn’t agree with the politics and opinions of Wright and Ayers, doesn’t it show a remarkabel lack of judgement to be so closely associated with these anti-American leftists?  

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