Going Local

What’s the best case scenario for the November elections?  I mean, really?  Well, the way I see it, we’ll have one of two outcomes: either a democrat controlled congress with a socialist president, or a democrat controlled congress with a liberal presdent.  The real problem, other than the obvious, is that with version II (dem congress and liberal) the President has an “R” next to his name.  So what do we do?


The only way that the conservative movement can stay afloat is by going local.  More than staying afloat, we could actually make some significant progress.  We need to infiltrate every aspect of community living…

School Boards
City Councils
Sheriff Offices
City/County Attorney
State Legislators
Heck, even HOA Boards

By focusing our efforts on acquiring positions of influence at the core of our communities, we have the power to bring about real change.  Most of the country is conservative, even if they don’t actually know what it means to be so.  All we need is an outlet to reach the people – that outlet is found at the local and state levels.

Think about it – where do the leftists get into our lives?  Where we live!  From restrictions on Christmas Tree lights to county ordinances prohibiting cutting a tree down on your own property, we can bring the movement to our communities and combat those who would strip away the conservative fabric that is American life.

Let’s go local.  The first step should be to engage your friends and neighbors.  Start talking.  Set up a meeting.  Get organized.  Find time to donate a skill or some time to a worthy local conservative cause. 

My action plan begins today.  Stay tuned for posts on how it’s going…

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