A New Party

I think the Republican party is done.  Stick a fork in it.  Not because the people who make up the party are done or that their ideals are no longer valid, but because what’s left of the party leadership has been deaf for the past, oh say 10 years.  In fact, since the Contract with America, we have had zero vision and zero leadership.  I mean, Denny Hastert?  Come on…  A nice guy and honorable too, I am sure, but this is not a leader.  There has been no articulated strategy, no associated plan of action, nothing at all that would suggest to the country that our conservative beliefs and values are what will propel the country forward.

Instead, we get a new massive prescription drug benefit.  We get blatent restrictions on free speech from McCain Feingold.  We get the worst war-time communications effort ever.  We get one “Republican” after another talking about how global warming is going to harm us.  We get nationalized public school monitoring.  We get complete failure to act on illegal aliens. 

We expect these things from the left.  Big government proposals that will inevitably fail, but be funded in perpetuity with ever-growing budgets because that’s what government does – regardlesss of any measurable effect.  If it feels good to pass a law, it must be good.  A mainstay philosophy of the left.  And so it has been adopted by the RNC as well.

What is the result of this adoption?  A mass exodus of support from conservatives. 

Time after time we see Republican leadership with positions that directly contradict how conservatives really think.  So what do we collectively do?  What we do best, we go someplace else.  This speaks volumns about the conservative psyche – when faced with a problem, we take decisive and real action.  In this case, we stopped supporting these so-called Republicans and the RNC and predictably, those with an “R” start losing.

To repair the damage done to the conservative movement, we need one of two things:  A very strong leader to articulate our message of self-reliance, personal fortitude and limited government, or a new party altogether.

I am starting to think that the latter is the best solution, because clearly the exsiting party has become so tainted with moderate, wishy-washy, do-nothings, it may well be the only way.

We can call it simply, the Conservative party.

Let’s create the new party platform… 


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