The Sacrificial States

Energy policy is front of mind for many Americans.  The problem that we face is that the government is preventing us from getting cheap gas.  Here are a couple things everyone should know:

1) The market sets the price for oil.  No one person does.
2) The market price is set by supply and demand.
3) The US government (R’s and D’s) has systematically prevented needed oil research, discovery, extraction and refinement through prohibitive legislation and regulation.

So, I have developed a simple plan to solve our oil problems for the foreseeable future – here it is in easy to understand steps:

1) Declare that Alaska, North Dakota and the Gulf of Mexico as “Oil Free Zones.”
2) Oil Free Zones would be exempted from any government regulation.
3) Huge tax incentives would be created for Oil companies to extract and refine using green techniques.

So, all we have to do is turn Alaska, North Dakota and the Gulf into oil fields.  problem solved.

As a fortunate by-product, many of our problems in the middle east would evaporate along with the high gas prices.  If we have no national interest in that geography because of our dependance on their oil, we can sit back and watch the maniacs blow each other up, one suicide bomber at a time.  Dare I say, it’d be kind of fun.

PS – while we’re designating states…we might as well offer up Nevada to the Jewish people.  That way, they can just leave Isreal to the nutbags and come to live and prosper in the safe confines of a friendly population.  Any guesses what the Palestinians would do with the land they’ve been begging for all these years?  My bet is that they’d do nothing with it.  Any propserity that had been created by the hard-working, industrious jewish population would disappear, and the nutbags would turn the entire area into a 12th century theme park, complete with swords, beheadings, and dirty feet.

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