How Much Damage in Four Years?

Conservatives are already talking about staying home.  Time and time again McCain has had the opportunity to hit it out of the park.  The Democrats are handing it to him on a silver platter.  Instead what does he choose to do?  Either underwhelm moderates with ho-hum personality and no real vision, or downright offend conservatives with his wishy-washy, left-leaning brand of republican political maneuverings.  Uggghhh.

Conservatives may be tempted to allow Obama the victory.  After all, if the country is going down the drain, there may as well be a Democrat at the helm.  The problem though, is that should Obama win the presidency, he could really throw a fox into the proverbial henhouse.  Just what could happen with an extreme leftist like Obama as president, especially if partnered up with a democrat House and Senate?  The answer is frightening. 

Surrender the War on Terror.  I’m not sure why nobody will ask Obama what he thinks will happen if we leave Iraq, but it doesn’t take a phd to figure it out.  Iraqi politics will become dominated by thug factions fighting in the streets for power, with the most brutal and well armed taking that power.  These factions would quickly be partnered up with Iran (many already are).  So, Iran gains a puppet government and the Iraqi people are once again living under a military dictatorship.  Worse, the global oil markets react to added pressure as the region further destabalizes.  Iran then developes a fertile breeding ground for developing bio/chemical/nuclear weapons, except they can do so cloaked in the Iraqi flag.  Do you think for a second al Sadr would not help Iran to hide labs?  Terrorists would have a safe place to train and would do so with full financial and miltary support of the Iranian puppets.  Short of declaring war on Iran and Iraq (again), we will not be able to fix this once it happens.

The Supreme Court would become a de facto unelected supreme ruler.  The Court is already legislating and directly usurping the Constitution.  At least today we have four conservatives who seek to protect the Constutution.  But with Justice Kennedy swinging wildly in an apparent attempt to gain notoriety and four Marxists, we are but a single nomination away from a second Congress.  Only this law making body would not be elected, would be appointed for life, and could not be overturned.  Sounds like the Saudi Royal Family!  With this comes the elimination of any mention of God, the Fairness Doctrine blessed, foreign law considered for precedent, and foreigners including terrorists would be granted full US constitutional protections – protections that through history have only been available to US citizens.  This will take three generations with favorable elections throughout to fix.

Healthcare would decline in quality and depress the economy.   Remember $900 hammers and $1200 toilet seats?  All one needs to do is walk into any DMV in the country to see government at work.  It is aweful.  Inefficient doesn’t even begin to descibe it.  So what makes anyone think that that government is going to suddenly be able to run a huge portion of our entire economy with any different result?  Our healthcare system is the best in the world in spite of government.  Virtually every single inefficiency and problem our healthcare system has today is because of government.  Not to mention the pricetag for such an abomination would be more than anyone could imagine.  Funny – the democrats complain that the deficit is huge now – wait until they implement an $800 billion annual entitlement.  Who is going to pay for it?  So, Obama gets into office and nationalizes all healthcare.  How will we ever fix that once he does it?  Without a major depression and associated grass-roots uprising, it is almost unfixable once Obama breaks it.

Taxes stifle economic progress and prosperity.  So far, we have heard Obama say that he wants to increase capital gains taxes, increase taxes on the wealthy, increase payroll taxes, increase gas taxes, and tax oil company profits.  This is his answer to a suffering economy?  By itself an increase in capital gains taxes will kill business investment and drive jobs overseas.  Even without any other tax increase, increasing capital gains taxes means companies will pay more for incremental success, and they will simply take additional production to more tax friendly countries, or opt not to expand at all.  Then, add in additional taxes on wealthy individuals.  These are the people who start businesses, hire people, build houses, finish their basements and on and on.  As Obama erodes their discretionary income, what will they do?  Spend less and save less.  This will put upward pressure on interest rates as banks will have less money to loan.  Worse, it will mean less consumerism which will hurt businesses of all sizes.  By definition, a slow economy means people have less purchasing power than they otherwise would.  Obama’s solution?  Take more of their money.  This can be fixed, but using history as a guideline, a la Jimmy Carter, it will take a generation and a huge political movement to do it.

One can systematically examine every issue in modern politics and on virtually every one, Obama’s solution is to either confiscate additional earned wealth, or confiscate Constitutionally protected rights – a frightening proposition, indeed.  However, there is a more heinous affect we’re sure to experience under an Obama presidency: The erosion of our free spirit.  As the country grows more accustomed to high taxes, an over-reaching Supreme Court, high oil prices, terrorism, forced atheism, remaining moral judgement dictated by man instead of the devine, we’ll be left with a populace void of responsibilty, character, or strength of purpose.  We will slowly drift toward the plight of every other oppressed people, farther and farther away from the freedom that made our country great.   This is, unfortunately, by design as the left creates necessity for itself by embracing hopelessness and penalizing acheivement.

An Obama presidency is dangerous.  Don’t stay home.  Make it your mission in life to keep him from power.  Make it your mission in life to put people into political power who hold the same values that most of us have – from your HOA on up.  Never stray from the ideals that have made us the most prosperous people in the history of the world – ideals founded in freedoms granted by God and a Constitution that guarantees us the right to live free from the oppressive clench of government.

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