The answer? Tax em even more…

In one of the more stark examples of the difference between conservative and liberal inclinations, we had a small victory in the Virginia Assembly.  Kaine’s plan to raise gas taxes has been killed.  Good riddance.

This is the liberal mind hard at work.  We have a budget problem.  We need money to improve roads.  What do we do?  Raise taxes.  Even better – raise GAS taxes!

Never mind that:

  1. In each of the last three years we’ve added $3 Billion in state appropriations
  2. State spending has almost doubled in the last 10 years
  3. VA already collects about $1.1 Billion in motor vehicle taxes a year
  4. VA already collects about $400 Million in the Transportation Trust Fund
  5. VA already collects another $6.7 Million in the Road Use Tax

You mean to tell me that with $1,500,000,000.00 we can’t find a way to get our roads fixed up?  A BILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS!

Here’s what’s worse.  I just looked up the VA state revenue sources and was shocked.  I scrolled and scrolled and finally reached the end of the list.  We even have a Public Rock Oyster Tax.  What?  Are you kidding me?

Here’s a partial list of taxes:
Abc Liter Tax-Localities Share
Abc State Sales And Use Tax
Accelerated Sales Tax Revenue
Alcoholic Beverages State Tax
Aviation Fuel Tax
Beer Excise Tax
Car Line Companies
Communications Sales And Use Tax – Va Relay
Corn Excise Tax
Cotton Tax Assessment
Court Suits Actions At Law
Court Suits Chancery Causes
Deeds Of Conveyance
Egg Promotion Tax
Electric Consumption Tax
Emission Fee Tax
Employer Withholding Taxes
Estate Tax
Estimated Corporate Income Tax Payments
Estimated Income Tax – 1999
Food State Sales And Use Tax
Forest Products Tax
General State Sales And Use Tax
Gross Premiums Of Insurance Companies
Income Of Corporations
Individual Estimated
Individual Income Tax
Individual Income Tax Withheld-State Employees
Interest Owed On Overpayment Of Taxes
Irish Potato Excise Tax
Light,Heat,Power & Water Companies
Local Fund Taxes
Misc Tax Collections-Undistributed
Mobile Home Sales Tax
Motor Fuels Taxes-Undistributed
Motor Vehicle Carriers-Rolling Stock Tax
Motor Vehicle Clean Special Fuels Tax
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax-Gas Tax
Motor Vehicle Rental Tax
Motor Vehicle Sales & Use Tax
Natural Gas Consumption Tax
Oil Company Excise Tax
Other Tobacco Products Tax
Oyster Inspection Tax
Packed Fresh Apples Excise Tax
Pari-Mutel Wagering License Tax
Pari-Mutel Wagering Virginia Breeders Fund
Payments By Tva In Lieu Of Taxes
Peanut Excise Tax
Pork Excise Tax
Processed Apples Excise Tax
Public Carriers Mixed Beverage Bottle Tax
Public Rock Oyster Tax
Railroad Companies
Reclamation Tax
Recordation Fee – Open Space Preservation
Recordation Tax Additional Fee
Recording Deeds & Contracts
Retail Sales Tire Tax
Road Tax Decal
Road Use Tax
Sales And Use Tax-Transportation Trust Fund
Scc-Railroad Special Tax
Shares Of Stock – Banks,Trust & Securitycompanies
Small Grain Tax
Soft Drink Excise Tax
Soybean Tax Assessment
State Sales & Use Tax 2004 Session Increase
Sweet Potato Tax
Tobacco Excise Tax
Tobacco Products Tax
Transaction Recovery Revenue
Unapplied Sales Tax Receipts
Unemployment Compensation Payroll Tax
Ungraded Fresh Apples Excise Tax
Va Cattle Tax
Va Estate Tax-Chap 838-Acts Of Assembly 1978
Valuation Taxes On Certain Public Service Corp
Vending Machine Sales Tax
Virginia Aircraft Sales & Use Tax
Virginia Litter Tax
Watercraft Sales Tax
Wills & Administrations
Wrestling & Boxing Exhibitions Gross Receipts

With our tax burden already at absurd levels, the economy slowing, an obscene amount of taxes already collected for vehicles and roads, it is hard to believe that Kaine has the audacity to propose MORE taxes.

Everyone who voted for the tax and spend democrat should pat himself on the back – you got exactly what you voted for.  For shame.  Then again, you shouldn’t be suprised.  Senate Majority Leader Richard Saslaw (D. Fairfax) is quoted in today’s Post

“I don’t know any other way to fix this without raising and spending money…”

There you have it. 

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