The Biggest Lie

We can’t drill our way out of this.  Oh – that’s rich.  Do these politicians and Bill O’Reily think we’re stupid?  OF COURSE WE CAN.

From what I understand, between the outer continental shelf, the North Dakota/Wyoming shale deposit and ANWR, we have enough to nearly eliminate the need for foreign oil.  So why don’t we do it?

In a word: Power.

The politicians use oil as a political weapon to get and keep power.  By remaining in good favor of the communist, environmentalist nutbag, Bush hating, America hating, Chicken Little, worry wart, Marxcist, Democrats, the offending politicians hold on to power.  How do they remain in good favor?  By providing huge amounts of pork for the aformentioned groups for research on all of their phantom excuses, while at the same time proposing, and in many cases passing, legislation that keeps them on favorable grounds.  It’s sick.

What SHOULD we be doing?

Here’s the solution in one sentence: Allow any American-based oil company a complete tax exemption for all activities that lead to the production of incremental, American born oil including researching, extracting, refining and selling oil.

With a monetary incentive like this, there would be a huge market advantage and the oil companies would go immediately to work.  With each passing day, money would be left on the table as another day out of market is another day without tax free profit.

The idea that we can’t drill our way out is only true if the Democrat/Marxists (and some foolish Republicans) keep the legislative hurdles in place.  So while Barrack Obama complains that “we can’t drill our way out of this,” he is actively pushing to keep legislative hurdles in place to make it a foregone conclusion.  Isn’t that convenient?

Worse, he advocates taxing the oil companies more!

Unbeblievable.  So, the American people are struggling with high gas prices because of a stranglehold the Middle East has on the oil market.  Instead of setting the stage to get out from under the suffocating grip of OPEC, the top Democrat in the country wants to put additional taxes on the already hyper-inflated priced product.  What sense is this?

Now, if we can only get McCain to get his head out of the sand and do the right thing.  This single issue could be all it takes to win the presidency.

When you hear the pundits say “we can’t drill our way out of this,” it is a bald-faced lie.  We can drill our way out of this, if the government steps out of the way and lets us.

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