Anchors Follow Obama

Anyone who claims any independance of the main stream media anymore is delusional. Two weeks ago, I was lamenting that McCain was totally absent the campaign. He was off glavanting around South America and who knows where else. I didn’t know where he was and I consider myself on top of the news. I didn’t know because nobody reported on it!

So – now we hear that the main stream media (MSM) is sending crews to accompany Obama to Iraq. Okay, I get that. It is still way out of balance with McCain’s treatment. But get this – they’re sending their anchors! CBS, NBC and ABC are not sending field correspondants or even their middle east bureau chiefs, they are sending their prime time anchors!

It is as if the Obama PR people set up a road tour and have some guests lined up. That’s right – Obama has guests on his tour. You can bet that’s how the events will be treated. And mark my words, these are events. Each interview is a carefully orchestrated media event designed to boost Obama’s numbers and perhaps insulate him from criticism from the left as he flip flops (again) about the war. CBS, NBC and ABS are willing accomplices in the effort.

Someone please tell me when the last time ANY presidential candidate got all three network news anchors to follow him half way around the world and agree to successive interviews – one each night for three nights.

I wonder, how did they decide who would go first? I bet that it was decided by the Obama campaign.

Imagine this – a campaign has three very well behaved lap dogs at their disposal, who happen to represent all three of the major broadcasts. This is a total disgrace.

With any luck, this will be one of the final nails in the coffin of credibility. The MSM doesn’t even vaguely resemble objective or credible.

I’m not sure why I am suprised, but this is just so overtly biased. I guess I’m more stunned than suprised.

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