Congrats to Joe Horn!

Joe Horn should be congratulated.  He shot and killed two thugs who were robbing his neighbor.  Good for him.

The 911 call recording is nothing short of riviting, albeit short.  Joe tells the dispatcher that he has a shotgun.  He tells him that the theives are getting away with a “bag of loot.”  He tells him he’s going outside to stop them.  Then you can hear the shotgun being charged and then discharged.  Both shots hit their mark.  Score two for the good guys.

That these two men had broken into and robbed a home is ignored.  That the two were illegal aliens is ignored.  That they were unemployed is ignored.  That they were already deported once from the USA on cocaine charges, goes on being ignored.  Instead what we get is one leftist after another giving excuses for their behavior and coming down on Joe Horn like he is the bad guy.  Unbelievable.  Or maybe, not so much.

Just think about what would happen to home burglery rates if across the country, criminals knew that if they chose to rob someone, there was a real chance of being shot and killed.  Doesn’t take a Senate seat to figure it out.  (Then, maybe I’m being too generous.)  Still, common sense tells us that this would be a huge deterent.

The Texas law is a good one.  It marks a clear distinction between good guys and bad guys.  It’s an almost romantic representation of what most re-blooded Americans instinctively believe anyway; we should be able to fiercely protect our property and well being, and that of our neighbors.  Joe did just that.  Not only that, but he was downright angry.  You could hear it in his voice on the police recording.  At one point he sighed and said, “But they’re getting away!”  Well, in the end they didn’t, thanks to a hero who was looking out for the good guys.

For the next few days, be prepared to listen to all of the self-proclaimed good guys along with their Marxist minions.  They’ll be telling us all what a barbarian Joe is and how Texas law is so unenlightened.  Yawn.  I bet the next illegals think twice before breaking into a Texas house.

This is my official pat on the back for Joe Horn.  Good shooting.  Well done.

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