Obama’s Middle East Trip – Fawning Press

Isn’t this working out nicely for Obama? I have never seen such an overt display of partisanship by the supposedly objective media before now. Yes, this is outright partisanship, not bias.  We’re long past bias. Bias is when maybe an extra benefit of doubt is hinted, or when maybe the number of positive stories outweights the negative ones by a small margin. No, my friends, this is partisanship.

The main stream media are following Obama around with their collective tongue dragging and Obama is rather aloof in his appraoch to the panting patsies. The only negative press I have heard in the latest news cycle is about how Obama is not accessible. Looks like he’s only going to give them canned tidbits. This is surprising because he must know that the MSM will only hand him softballs. Obama’s handlers must be scared to death about his inexperience – they won’t even put him in front of friends.

The Iraq situation is a hard one to figure out. In the event of an Obama victory in November, if he sticks to his word and begins an immediate withdrawal, there is a chance that it is actually the right thing to do. This will be a alignment of the stars for him. Of course, this would be in spite of his every effort to halt progress pre-surge, but the fawning press will overlook that, I’m sure. If he flip flops, and says we’ll stay in Iraq until the Commanders on the ground say otherwise, he’ll cause some disturbance on the left. How much this will impact the election is hard to say – the leftists will vote for him anyway, since power is their driver, not actual policy.

The one bright light, if you could call it that, is that McCain may benefit from this entire spectical. Since McCain is quite liberal himself, there is a chance that some on the left will abandon Obama and come over to McCain in the general election. Though that could be all the difference we need for a win, it would still leave a liberal majority in both houses of Congress and a left of center President. Better than having a Marxist, sure. Good for the country, well…

One thing is for sure – the media have a new darling. The McCain camp must be stunned at how fast the MSM turned on the previously-loved maverick. Let’s hope that people pay as little attention to Katie Couric as I suspect they do.

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