Letter to Tom Davis

After the grand scene on the Hill last Friday, I thought it made a lot of sense to tell our elected leaders to keep hammering the point home.  This issue alone could bring Republicans unexpected results this November.  Here’s a copy of the letter sent to Congressman Tom Davis of Virginia:

Dear Sir:

I am writing to ask for your help regarding the current national situation with energy.  With all respect, I implore you to keep driving the point that we need a responsible energy bill sent to the President and we need it fast.

The scene on the Hill last Friday was a grand spectacle and it was very well received.  At a family gathering this past weekend, there was widespread agreement that Republicans must continue to hammer this home…

It may well be the key to our success this Fall.

After discussions with the nine (9) voting age members of my family in Virginia, and many of my friends, I have found commonality in opinion:

1) Republicans should find every high rock they can, stand atop and scream, “We need to drill in ANWR, the shale deposits, and off shore!”  This has such wide support – it would be great if you would join the call for this – in a way in which people can actually hear you!

2) Let’s build as many nuclear power plants as possible.  Nobody I talk to is afraid of them at all.  There are plenty of places in our great commonwealth to build one – how about we lead the charge?  You’ll have widespread support, I’m sure.

3) Stay out of our personal lives and let us run our own businesses.  Virtually everyone I talked with this weekend mocked Obama for his stupid “inflate the tires” comment.  The underlying theme is that we don’t want our elected leaders condescending to us and telling us how we should live, vis a vis inflating tires and buying a certain type of light bulb.

In short, we want the government to get out of our way!  Let us drill where the oil is. Get out of the way of nuclear development.  Get rid of the taxes that further drive up energy costs.  Set the American people free to pursue low cost energy and they will do it.  It starts with removing the shackles of oppressive government regulation and legislation.  You are in a position to do just that.  Please help.


  1. Jon Kingston says:

    I hope you have a lot of money hidden away for your retirement because McCain wants to tax your Social Security payments as if they were income. You could see as much as 42 % of your check taken right off the bat with no minimum income threshold.
    He also wants to change the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits so that there is a $3,500 mandatory deductible per recipient before coverage begins each year, essentially forcing people to pay what is being referred to as the “donut hole” before they get any of the “donut.”

    McCain/Palin also believe that more veteran’s hospitals should be closed and care should be offered only at regional centers saving taxpayers approximately $4 billion annually.

    McCain has proposed taxing money recovered from charity drives that help cover medical expenses if the money received equals more than half of their treatment. In other words, if you hold a benefit for your neighbor’s kid who has cancer, be prepared to hand over a huge chunk to the IRS because John McCain considers it income. Are you kidding me?
    This one really makes me the maddest: John McCain wants veterans to pay for any prosthesis that is above the knee or elbow as the articulated prostheses are much more expensive than the smaller ones and will be limited to refittings evey five years as opposed to “as needed” under the Bush administration. His reasoning was that veterans could do just as well or better with a wheelchair rather than an expensive prosthesis.

  2. TobeRight says:

    Yes, you’re right. McCain wants the government to spend less, Obama wants the government to spend more. You win that argument.

    What you fail to see (as evidenced by your reply above) is the forest through the trees. McCain/Palin believe in:

    – Lower taxes for individuals and businesses
    – Less government spending
    – Freedom for people to enter contracts and be held accountable to them
    – A literal interpretation of the Consitution
    – The belief that life begins at conception and unborn babies should be protected in life as babies outside the womb

    Obama/Biden believe:

    – Raising taxes on the top 5% (never mind that the top 1% already pay 40% of all taxes!)
    – Giving a tax break to 95% of all Americans. This is a bald-faced lie. It is mathematically impossible; the bottom 40% of income earners DON’T PAY TAXES. How can he give them a tax cut?
    – Babies who are not yet born should be allowed to be murdered.
    – The Federal government can provide health care for all Americans

    So…you’re right. McCain does want to spend less. Obama has around $1 Trillion in new spending and he wants to pay for it with raising taxes on those who shoulder more than 1/2 of the entire tax burden already!

    Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you had a paycheck signed by someone making less than $250K?

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