The Real Problem with Obama

I outsource lots of my work.  I have a guy in India who does my Web work for dirt cheap.  There is no way a domestic company could match his prices.  A global economy is where it’s at.  We have to embrace it.  We embrace it by making the US as attractive as possible to do business in.  How to do that?  Lower taxes.  If you tax capital, investment, dividends, and income – companies will simply move out of this country to a more hospitable tax environment.  They will leave.

A $3000 credit to hire an employee isn’t nearly enough to offset the added employment cost – especially in the face of increased taxes.  This will only benefit those companies already planning expansion.  If that’s the case, why do taxpayers have to subsidize them?  They are going to hire anyway.

The housing crisis was caused by the government.  In short, the Community Reinvestment Act compelled banks to provide high risk loans.  These loans were bought up by Fannie Mae under the administration of the Senate (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd).  The plan was designed to give low income people houses except it backfired – they couldn’t afford them!  Banks sold the bad notes to Fannie Mae, who sold them to investment banks looking toe sell them again to make a profit.  Too much bad paper – the market collapsed.  This was started by the government trying to social engineer poor people into houses they couldn’t afford.

Anyway – While taxes are a big complaint about Obama for me, I have a fundamental issue with Obama.  I believe in low taxes, small government and maximum freedom.  I want the government out of my life.  My grandfather came here as an immigrant and made something for himself without going on the dole.  My Dad worked his butt off for my sisters and me.  He got no help from Nanci Pelosi, or Harry Reid or Barack Obama or any government handouts, that for sure.  If given the freedom to achieve, Americans have a great ability to fend for themselves.  We are the greatest country on earth in every regard – economically, militarily, in research, in development – by any metric.  We got this way because of LACK of government intervention, not because of it.

I am afraid of slipping further into a socialist model.  It has been tried over and over again and fails every single time.  That’s not what made America great.

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