Obama Will Help the Workers Out?

I think that raising taxes on businesses is the wrong thing to do in a faltering economy.If a company has been laying off people at regular intervals for the last 5 years WITH tax cuts, what do you think is going to happen when their taxes go up? The cost of each employee is going to go up and they will have to either pay lower wages, charge more for their services, or lay off more people. Either way consumers and workers get screwed.

However, I challenge all you Obidenites to look at your pay stubs. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

How much are you already paying in taxes? A LOT, I bet. Now add in state tax, sales tax, car tax, property tax, telephone tax, restaurant tax, and on and on and on.

Taxes are already our BIGGEST expense. If you need more money to spend it is foolish to blame the corporations who are paying you! You should blame government – they are taking the most money from you – government is your biggest expense.

Taxing more makes no sense.

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