We Can’t Stop Now!

There is a palpable feeling of movement.  Conservatives – true conservatives – are on the march.  If the level of spastic fervor liberals displayed in responding to the Tea Parties is any indication, we have hit our mark.  The trick now is to twist the blade until the beast of ever-encroaching tyranny (liberalism) is dead and cold.

We are more motivated than ever.  Political motivation is difficult for conservatives as it conflicts with our very nature.  You see, we conservatives are unlike the left in a few key aspects.  The biggest is perhaps that we spend an inordinate amount of time being productive.

Not that liberals can’t produce, they can.  It is the nature of the production that so distinguishes them from conservatives.  Liberals produce things like social theory, signs, and slogans.  They are adept at organizing events, petitioning, calling Congressmen, and whining about whatever the cause du jour happens to be.  As all this unfolds, the conservative observes it from afar as tedious liberal  background noise.  Since the conservative is trying to produce not for idealism, but for personal responsibility, family and God, there is little time left to organize and complain en masse the way we see liberals do so well and so often.

Simply put, we’re too busy striving for acheivement to be bothered with politics and public policy.

Until now.

Liberals have gone too far.  We conservatives were quite content to sit back and make our living and take care of our respective families, while the liberals were busy supporting the Iraqi shoe thrower and trying to remove the Ten Commandments from county courthouses the country over.  But when the liberals went too far; when they began affecting our very ability to acheive, they have awakened a spirit and motivation unlike anything that I blieve they were prepared for.

Stand back, cause here we come.

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