Liberty Can Prevail – Lessons from the Past

How will we win?  How will we take back our country?

Our government has become a fraud.  It is a corruption of the worst kind: that which is bred by not only ideologues, but power-hungry ideologues.  This is obvious to anyone who dares look toward Washington with even a hint of objectivity.  The government has become all powerful.  The States are subjugated completely, the people have little voice, and there are  seemingly insurmountable barriers to affecting the requisite renovation.

History repeats itself, however, and in this we will either find comfort or yield to despotism – men ruling men.

In 1791 Thomas Paine wrote of the French Revolution in Rights of Man.  This pivotal pamphlet was compelling not just because he constructs an argument for freedom and liberty that cannot be challenged, but because his words are as potent today as they were some two centuries ago.  Paine asserted many reasons for the Revolution, but two stand out as the primary catalysts – taxes and power-mongering.  Regarding taxes, he said:

“…the revenue of France, which was nearly twenty four million sterling per year, was become unequal to the expenditure, not because the revenue had decreased, but because the expenses had increased; and this was the circumstance which the nation laid hold of to bring forward a revolution.”

And on the political power-grab, he continued:

“…[the King] wanted money; and as he knew the sturdy disposition of the Parliament with respect to new taxes he ingeniously sought either to approach them by a more gentle means than that of direct authority, or to get over their heads by manoeuvre…”

We can see now that Paine was as much an oracle as he was politically savvy in his own time.   The situation we face in the present day United States is exactly the same as that faced by France in the run up to the Revolution – our national expenditures far exceed our revenue and our political leaders regularly make audacious and brazen attempts to accumulate power.

Before Barack Obama took office in January, 2009, the Federal government had some $50 trillion (trillion!) in unfunded debt.  Since then, a mere three months later, he has accumulated and additional $10 trillion in debt.  Worse, this massive spending seeks not to promote liberty and the associated riches, but rather to promote government itself – the largest non-producing consumer of wealth.  There is no question that the government has been derelict in managing our country’s finances.  The real question is whether or not the dereliction amounts to outright subversion.

There is no better example of a politician abusing the public trust on a quest for power than from our current President.  Who ever would have thought that in such a short time, a US President would seize control of the nations largest automobile companies, make a hostile takeover of key financial institutions, and fire executives of private companies.  Moreover, he has set the stage for an even larger confiscation of liberty by controlling health care, and even seeks to control our lives by declaring the air we exhale a pollutant, which must be regulated and taxed.

We are at a crossroads.  We must recognize the current circumstance for what it is – a threat to our freedom, a direct assault on our Constitution and indeed, an assault on our very way of life.  While we are not calling “Aux armes!” we are invigorated.  When liberty is assailed in the current fashion, it will fight back.  Liberty will render itself in all kinds of ways and we must caress and enable it at every turn.  A call to rhetorical arms! Beat back the fast encroaching tentacles of oppressive government.  The silent majority, typically aloof to such matters, has been awakened and will gather power, speed and ambition in the effort to save the freedom we hold dear.

History has repeated itself so many times.  Hopefully this is an occasion where we will prevent America from becoming yet another hash mark on the tablet of timeless mistakes.

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