Color and Sex Don’t Matter – So Stop Talking About It.

I’m tired of hearing about how Republicans need a bigger tent to win.  I’m tired of hearing about this class of people and that class of people; this color and that color; this race and that race.  I’m over it!

I also don’t care about what your sexual proclivities are.  Really, I don’t care and neither do most conservatives.  Save for the Log Cabin types, you rarely hear a conservative self-identify by their sexual preferences.  This is not the case with liberals, however.  It is always about what specific downtrodden group they are part of.  We don’t give a damn what you like to do, but we do care when you try to shove it down our collective throat and make us shape society to the liberal ideal.  But when we stand up to this, we are accused of legislating the bedroom and being intolerant.  Well, we are intolerant of leftists trying to rip down the social structures that have helped make the USA exceptional, but we don’t care what you do in your own bedroom.  Just stop talking about it already – nobody cares!

It is not Conservatives who want to get into your bedroom.  We don’t care.  We also don’t care what color you are, or aren’t.  It is liberals who identify themselves by sexual orientation, color, ethnicity and every aberrant behavior they can come up with a label for.  If liberals were not standing atop every high rock screaming that they enjoy homosexual encounters with environmentalist, vegetarian, transvestite, black men with eating disorders, then you’d  never hear anything about morality from conservatives.

You see, liberals must frame everything in terms of the following:  Identify what deviant or dis-empowered group are you part of, proclaim you are a victim for being part of said group, and seek to have the government penalize society at large to pay your way.  After all, it’s our fault, right?  (I mean conservative white men.)

It is liberals who bring this intrusion on…not conservatives.  We do, however, believe that without some semblance of morality and basic social structure, we will fall into chaos – spiritually, politically and socially.

If the left would stop trying to create a victim group out of every possible classification of person, including by sexual orientation, then conservatives would stop trying to legislate morality.  We are guilty of this from time to time, but only because the alternative is falling into social chaos.  In order to live in a productive Democratic Republic, we must have social constructs that are healthy and strong – not relativistic crap heaped on us by those who cannot thrive in and ordered society.

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