Liberals Defined – The Great Ruse

It has always frustrated me that most liberals don’t seem to understand what it means to be liberal – and they certainly don’t understand what conservatism is.

In my estimation, there are two distinct types of liberals: those who are well intentioned but have no idea how pernicious their intentions are – the Squishy liberals. Then there are those who know exactly how harmful they are – the Wicked liberals.

Squishy liberals are a damn shame. But as tragic as their condition is, they can be reformed. You see, squishy liberals just don’t understand the true nature of their own political philosophy. (Interestingly, the wicked liberals know this, and exploit it at every opportunity. While the squishy liberal thinks they are a part of some grand movement that promotes kindness and good will, they are basically victims of a ruse: the Wicked liberals play on the emotions of the Squishy mind, tricking them into supporting the cause.) Squishy liberals think that liberalism is fair and allows people to be, in essence, more free. Judgment or lack thereof, is the foundation for this misguided view. Squishy liberals think that by not passing judgment on others, they are enlightened. After all, the human condition comes in many forms, and those people who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances should not be judged in any way – it is simply not their fault.

Whose fault is it?

It is certainly not the victim’s fault. But there is plenty to go around. Wealthy white men, the culture, societal pressure, wealthy white men, discrimination, and wealthy white men are typically to blame for all of the downtrodden.

So the Squishy liberal just assumes that since the downtrodden bear no responsibility for their circumstance, society must provide a bail out…

Can’t get a job? Wealthy white men are to blame – society should give you money.

Can’t get a job and you’re a minority? You should get special treatment. (I never understood why blacks weren’t offended by affirmative action.)

Here illegally and need medical care? Society should cover your bills.

Sign a mortgage you can’t afford? Society should pay your bills since the wealthy white man took advantage of you.

Squishy liberals think that society should help any and all people who won’t take responsibility for themselves. Since no judgment should ever be passed on anyone, it makes perfect sense that society should take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. Personal responsibility is something that only wealthy white men crow about – and only because they have no impediments to success. Merely by being white and male, they have an unfair advantage.

At the root, Squishy liberals just want to help people, and they think that as a country we are so wealthy, we can and should help as many people as possible.

What they fail to see is that in “helping” people, they are eroding our freedom.

Here is the distinct difference between the Wicked Liberal and the Squishy: The Wicked Liberal knows that liberal policies erode freedom – and they don’t care.

The Wicked Liberal sees the United States itself as inherently unfair. The government is the means to create fairness. Creating fairness cannot be achieved by promoting the poor to wealthy. Rather, fairness can only be achieved if the wealthy are stripped down with a concurrent cleansing of incentive, desire and material demand.

If the population can be trained not to desire achievement and personal wealth, they will be complicit in the seizure and redistribution of their assets. The wealthy are made poor, and the poor stay poor. Then, with the entire population poor and with no incentive, a liberal Utopia is achieved.

Except for the Wicked liberals themselves, for they casually exempt themselves from the wealthy white evil-doers who are responsible for all of the social ills. So while the mid to high income earners are soaked at tax time, the Wicked Liberal elite will make sure that the confiscation of wealth and freedom is never applied to them. They will continue to enjoy the fruits of achievement, although theirs will not be in noble productivity, but the base achievement of power and rhetorical prowess.

I’ve got many friends who are self-identified liberals. Most are Squishy liberals who actually think the government should right wrongs and help those in need. They will support most any government endeavor as long as the intentions are good. But I know a few who know full well that liberalism is designed to confiscate wealth and freedom, so that a government bureaucratic class can take and maintain power in an effort to achieve a liberal Utopia.

The conservative understands the ruse of Wicked liberal. The real trick will be to convince the Squishy liberals that they are actually undermining themselves.


  1. You summed it up pretty well. I used to be a squishy liberal. I woke up. It took the idiots in California raising my taxes during the worst recession in 70 years BUT it made me ask, “what the fuck is going on”. I had just voted for Obama and thought, “well, this is just a CA thing”. By the end of January I was questioning every belief I ever had. By mid February, I had a realization that I had been a Conservative my entire life and was basically brain washed by the liberal machine into thinking I was one of them. I realized my story, my life, was everything this country and the conservative ideals represented. I was raised with my sister with my Mom. Single, and in a low paying Secretarial position she struggled but we were never for wants. Once I hit college she put herself back into college part time and got her degree the same year I officially got mine and my sister got hers. She leveraed that into a higher paying job and has continually risen year after year. I used to believe this was a story and a life that embodied the Dems ideals! Can you believe that! What her story and mine and my sisters embodies to the fullest is the belief that we are all individuals and we all have the power of self-determination. No hand outs, no free rides, but with the will and the desire you can do better and will do better. You know what is funny, you never see Oriental (i am tired of the political correct bullshit of Asian, like people have forgotten that not ALL Asians are from the Orient) people complaining about the white man or unjust system. You know why? Cause they work their ass off and succeed! They get that you are as good as the work you put in. You know, liberals will scream about science and evolution and all that but when the science doesn’t prove their point they act like it isn’t so important. Take abortion. Now, we know, life begins right away. No scientific data can deny that. But, that is thrown out the window by these kooks ’cause it is inconvenient. Now, it is about choice and they dropped the whole ‘when does life really begin’ argument. Or, take natural selection. This is Libs great love and yet they toss it out completely when it comes to applying Survival of the Fittest to the economic sector which is exactly how the Free Market works! They are so full of shit it makes me sick to my stomach somedays. And, yet, I used to be one of ’em and proudly. Some days I try and think how could I have been so easily duped. I formed opinions based on have truths and without listening to the other side. I judged the Limbaughs’ and Hannity’s of the world without EVER ONCE listening to their shows. I bought the bullshit hook line and sinker. But not anymore! I will be a thorn in their side to till my last breath on this planet. Once you take the red pill their is no going back. Keep up the great posts. We have many battles ahead and it will be a long war but Liberty and Truth will win out. Modern History is on our side. Take heart in that.

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