Poll: Who Should Republicans Get Behind for 2012?

It’s almost half way through 2009.  Although it has only been a few months since BO took over, it seems like a lifetime.  Indeed, he has spent more money than a few lifetimes of Presidents!

We need to start focusing on our guy (or gal) for 2012.  But who?  I have a part of me that thinks we need a previousely unknown candidate.  A dark horse who can rally the troops.  But the more pragmatic side of me urges caution in that regard.  So who is it going to be??


  1. This is tough. Palin has the ideals and the moral certitude but she wasn’t polished enough to handle the tactics of the Left. I don’t think she was prepared for how ruthless they can be. She is in Alaska and kind of insulated. Maybe, by 2012 she will be ready but she needs a clear constitutional message.
    I love Newt and he can battle toe to toe with Obama, but his rep morally was tarnished with his affair while his wife recovered from Cancer.
    I don’t see greatness in Jindal yet. Another Bush would be attack city. Not big on Rudy or Mitt.
    I think Ron Paul would shred Obama in a debate and would steal much of the youth vote. Age is a factor and the Republican base refuses to get behind him it seems. He is our ideological champion, in my opinion, and so adept at citing the constitution whenever attacked! I would pay money to see him debate Obama. God, could you imagine it! Obama would leave embarrassed. Seriously, that would be one of the great moments in history. The Constitution (Paul) vs. Socialism (Obama). A boy can dream.

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