The Top 25 Reasons to be a Conservative

Here are the top 25 reasons I am  a conservative.  Got any others?

  1. I want to keep my own money – not have it stolen from my paycheck.
  2. I want to take care of myself – I don’t need or want the government involved in my life.
  3. To me freedom means being able to achieve, but also to fail – I’m good with that.
  4. I think that people who can’t get ahead are stupid, lazy or both.
  5. Medicaid and Medicare are broke – $53 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.  I don’t believe the government can expand the programs to cover everyone and miraculously become profitable and efficient.
  6. If you signed a mortgage you can’t afford – it is not my problem.
  7. I don’t think anyone knows what the right temperature of the Earth is.
  8. I believe that people are born with natural rights – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  9. To me, equality means the equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.
  10. I judge people by what they say and do.
  11. I don’t understand why blacks are not offended by affirmative action. What, you need special treatment because you’re black? You’re just as good as I am – it should offend you.
  12. I think we should help people who cannot help themselves. But if you can help yourself and you choose not to, the hell with you.
  13. I believe the federal government serves the States, not the other way around.
  14. I think the federal government should do only the things specifically prescribed in the Constitution. Nothing more.
  15. I believe that in the USA English is our language – we should not cater to those who choose not to learn it.
  16. I believe freedom is granted by God, not by man.
  17. I think that we should all pay the same percentage of our income in taxes, or pay the same percentage on purchases with no income tax.
  18. I want to be left alone to live as I wish.
  19. I think that the only obligation individuals have to society is to live a moral life and not infringe on anyone else.
  20. I don’t believe I owe anybody anything, no matter how poor they are or what color or gender they are.
  21. I believe that the Supreme Court is an oligarchy and must be stripped of the power it has over the other branches of government.
  22. I believe people should be able to exercise their religion anywhere, including on public property.
  23. I think the green  movement is a ruse to take away our freedom.
  24. I believe that the only way to keep politicians honest is through draconian term limits.
  25. I saw my son’s heart beat at 7 weeks old.  To abort him would have been to kill him.

I’m sure there are at least 25 more reasons.  Just think – to be liberal is to believe the opposite of these things.  Kinda sucks to be liberal, eh?

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