The Systematic Destruction of the Leftist View

A comment was made on the previous post regarding the health care issue. The comment still live – I left it for reference) is so wrought with liberal misguidance, folly and outright lies, that it appeared to me to be instructive. So much so, that instead of participating in the comment string, I wanted to share. Here is the systematic destruction of the comment…

In the interest of space, I’ll just work down the comment from top to bottom dismantling it piece by piece:

First, the rankings that the jacksmith opens with that put the USA 37th in the world is a ruse. We are 37th behind the likes of Saudi Arabia. So, the UN commissions this study (hardly the most credible organization, but that’s for another argument) and credibility issues notwithstanding, and ranks our health care system behind Saudi Arabia? Without benefit of any studies or academic paper, I am willing to lay money on it: The US health system is better than Saudi Arabia’s. Just because the UN says so does not make it so. Do people from all over the world flock to Saudi Arabia for health care? No. Do the common people in Saudi Arabia have near immediate access to MRI’s? How about Oncology specialists? How about prenatal care?

The 37th argument is absurd. Just to make the point – some of the other countries that have “better” systems according to the WHO/UN include Oman, UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica and Columbia, to name a few. To cite the WHO stats are absurd, indeed.

Second, to say Republicans are dragging their feet is a strange argument to make. The Democrats have a filibuster proof Senate and a 40 seat majority in the House. The Democrats can do whatever they want legislatively. The fact is that there are somewhere between 40 and 45 Democrat Congressmen who don’t support the legislation! Moreover, Democrats control all of the committees responsible for passing the bill. It is not possible for Republicans to hold this up.

Third, a point is brought forth regarding an insurance mandate. The rest of the flimsy argument is moot, for it is precisely a mandate that we are, in large part, fighting against. What business is it of anyone, particularly a government bureaucrat, whether or not I choose to purchase health insurance? The common leftist refrain is that the uninsured put a burden on society when they do need treatment. This is folly. Sure, the uninsured will get treated in an ER. But what happens then? That’s right, they get a bill, just like for any other service. If they can’t pay, they should suffer the consequences. It is up to the medical facility to arrange for financing, repayment options or submit for credit bureau reporting.

Fourth, jacksmith says that to NOT mandate insurance for everyone may be unconstitutional. I just read the constitution and could not find the article or section that enumerated the power that compels the citizenry to purchase any particular good or service, much less a specific form of health insurance.

Fifth, while there is no argument to dismantle, it is noteworthy that we are only a short way into this systematic destruction of liberal thought when the author uses the tired leftist tactic of ad hominem attacks, calling all Republicans “fools” and says that they have “traitorous allies.” The last refuge of a lost argument, and only one third of the way through the tirade!

Sixth, slightly out of order, but the commenter claims that the [health insurance industry] has been slaughtering “…you and your loved ones…” for decades. Is this the same industry that completely paid for and supported the birth of my two children? Or the industry that saved both my sister and my aunt from Breast Cancer (5 and 12 year survivors, respectively). Or the industry that saved my father from throat cancer with an early detection and treatment of carcinoma in situ? Or the horrific industry that just put a life changing pace-maker into the chest of my 78 year old mother. Right minded people (no pun intended) cannot come to the same conclusion, that the insurance industry is out to get us all. Quite the contrary, in my family, we are alive and healthy because of them. I may send my sister’s insurance company a bottle of good scotch this Christmas.

Seventh, the commenter says, “And President Obama has done a brilliant job of turning things around.” Interesting. Does this include racking up more debt than all of the previous Presidents in history, combined? Or how about the double digit unemployment? How about the $700 Billion spent on pork projects? In fact, on further reflection, I cannot find (and I looked) for a single success for America under this President. The popular liberal refrain to pump up the economy is that the stock market is coming back – it’s over 9000! Um, last I checked, it’s high was over 14,000 – we’re still horribly in the red.

Eighth, the commenter suggests that the cause of all of our problems (I say “all” because the rhetoric supports it) are caused by “Bush Republicans.” To this I say (with no small amount of exasperation) that Bush left the office over 7 months ago. The Democrats have controlled the House for two years and now have a filibuster proof Senate and a 40 seat majority in the House. With zero power, and with a Democrat in every position of leadership throughout every committee and on up to the White House, we cannot possibly be the cause of the problem, we are both powerless to cause problems and powerless to change anything.

Lastly, I am glad the writer concluded with “I REST MY CASE.” Perhaps this ensures that we’ll not subjected to further leftist spin, which are so easily deconstructed. Normally, I would not waste my time preparing a response, but the time of sitting back and listening to the leftists make wild assertions without answer is over.

BO, Pelosi, Reid and their ilk have awakened the spirit of the American people. We will not stand for the likes of jacksmith hijacking our freedom. We will stand up to this and thankfully, our position is so superior, that all it takes is to say them, and the jacksmith’s of the world will not be able to do us any more harm than they already have.

After all, be it a tangible product, or a rhetorical point, it is the value of product that wins in the marketplace. The left would do well to learn that lesson.


  1. MichaelC says

    I followed your link from a comment left at Wizbang Blog where I seem to live a good deal of the time, and after reading your fisking of the dishonorable jacksmith, am moved to a “well done, sir”.

    I’ve bookmarked your site and will surely look in from time to time.

  2. Thanks, Michael! I’m trying hard to keep cool and pick em apart with the superiority of our positions. We can do this! Thanks a million for your kind words. See you around!

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