Democrats See Obama as Weak & Disorganized

Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) doesn’t seem so happy with Obama these days. In a letter to yours truly dated August 19, 2009, Senator Webb said:

I have stated on several occasions my concerns that the Obama administration should have begun the process with a clear proposal that could have been the starting point for the work of the five separate congressional committees charged with responsibility for this issue. Without such a specific format, Congress has had difficulty crafting a bill of such challenging scope and complexity. I am hopeful that the President will remedy this problem in the coming weeks.

Of course this is all very proper and maintains the decorum required by a Senator, but really read what he said. In “regular guy” speak, he said:

Obama screwed this up from the beginning, he had no plan, and now we’re left with a freakin mess. He’d better fix it or he’s going to lose Democrat support – I am the senator of a Red state for goodness sakes. WTF!

So, when we hear the Democrat leadership and the MSM constantly blame Republicans, we can now clearly see right through it – the proof is in the quote above – it is Democrats who are holding up this bill. And we haven’t even discussed the fact that on paper the D’s have a filibuster proof senate and a 70ish seat majority in the House. They could pass this tomorrow if the likes of Senator Webb weren’t so pissed off at Obama.

The natives are restless, and not just natives with a “R” by their name.

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