Libya Gives Obama the Finger

We all know that Barack Obama is dangerous on many fronts.  He is attempting to strip Americans of their freedom.  He and his clown cabinet are traveling the world apologizing for how terrible the United States of America is – commonly referred to as the “great apology tour.”

Well, here’s what it has gotten him.  The NoKo’s are regularly launching missiles, China and India basically told him to piss off regarding emissions standards, violence in Afghanistan is up, and he is treated like a pesky fly by the Russians.

Now, the Libyans didn’t just treat Obama poorly – with enthusiasm, they extended their collective arm and raised their middle finger in a grand F You to Obama.  The terrorist convicted in the killing of 270 people on a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland was set free and returned to Libya. The following videos speak for themselves.  Oh – the time line makes it priceless; the second video took place literally just hours after the first.

Obama is a weakling, and the world knows it.  When two bit thugocracies like Libya give you the finger…

How did Libyan’s react?

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