Obama Lies About Single Payer Health System

Today, August 11, 2009, the President of the United States told a bald faced lie. There is no misunderstanding, no missed context, there is not even a slight question about benefit of the doubt.

There is no doubt – the President lied.

The question that this lie compels is: Why? Why would the president lie? Before that analysis, let’s watch the liar in action. In Reviewing the transcript from Barack Obama’s Health Care Town Hall just several hours ago he was asked this questions:

Mr. President, you’ve been quoted over the years — when you were a senator and perhaps even before then — that you were essentially a supporter of a universal plan. I’m beginning to see that you’re changing that. Do you honestly believe that? Because that is my concern. I’m on Medicare, but I still worry that if we go to a public option, period, that the private companies, the insurance companies, rather than competing — because who can compete with the government; the answer is nobody. So my question is do you still — as yourself, now — support a universal plan? Or are you open to the private industry still being maintained?

Obama’s response (in part – it was so rambling the post would be three pages long if I copied the entire thing – if you want the whole thing, follow the link to the transcript. My emphasis added.)

…A single-payer plan would be a plan like Medicare for all, or the kind of plan that they have in Canada, where basically government is the only person — is the only entity that pays for all health care. Everybody has a government-paid-for plan, even though in, depending on which country, the doctors are still private or the hospitals might still be private. In some countries, the doctors work for the government and the hospitals are owned by the government. But the point is, is that government pays for everything, like Medicare for all. That is a single-payer plan.

I have not said that I was a single-payer supporter because, frankly, we historically have had a employer-based system in this country with private insurers, and for us to transition to a system like that I believe would be too disruptive. So what would end up happening would be, a lot of people who currently have employer-based health care would suddenly find themselves dropped, and they would have to go into an entirely new system that had not been fully set up yet. And I would be concerned about the potential destructiveness of that kind of transition. All right? So I’m not promoting a single-payer plan….

So, clearly the president is not for, and has never been (remember above, “…I have not said that I was a single-payer supporter…”) a supporter of a single payer system. Do the words “supporter” and “proponent” mean the same thing? Apparently, Barack doesn’t think so. Here is the evidence of his lie:

So why would he lie?

There are only a couple of reasons why he would lie and none of them are good. If he is lying because he forgot (he best case scenario) we are to believe that a video (above) that has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube alone, plus had air time on many of the most popular TV outlets, somehow escaped the attention of Obama’s communications staff. This means that either the President has no convictions at all regarding health care, or can’t remember his articulated position about a topic that effects almost a FIFTH of the entire economy.

Or perhaps he is lying because he knows that he can’t get his ObamaCare passed if he tells the truth? Now, maybe he even sees this as humanitarian. Maybe he believes that he knows what’s best for the citizens so he has to lie to us to save us from ourselves. That would be swell of him.

Or maybe he is lying because the truth would expose a nefarious attempt to seize power? A single payer system – one that Obama vehemently supported just a couple years ago – would increase the size and scope of the government beyond belief. It would also empower the government – literally – to decide whether or not individuals live or die.

This president is a liar. Each reason I can think of to explain his lie is worse than the one before. Let’s hope that the American people can stop this madman before he harms the country any worse than he already has (i.e. take over of GM; porkulus bill; $12 Trillion debt; $4 Trillion budget; Record deficits; weakening dollar).


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    He is NOT a natural born citizen. He is a fraud and is not legally entitled to be POTUS.
    Hey lefty liberals and democrats and moderate republicans, scoff all you want about
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    This liar should be removed from office.

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