Medicare is Hurting Seniors – Government Healthcare Doesn’t Work

Last week we wrote that Obama is seemingly ignorant to basic market economics (he must be – the alternative is that he is purposefully subverting the USA). In that article, we focused on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. The key takeaway is that Medicare only pays doctors a fraction of what private insurance does for the same procedure:

“So who cares if doctors collect fees if the fees they are collecting are a fraction of what they should be? If a doctor gets reimbursed 50% of the money he is owed for an MRI from a government run program, what do you think they are likely to do? Stop taking Medicare, or do fewer MRI’s is my guess – both bad for patients.”

Well, my guess is correct – doctors are taking fewer patients on medicare because if they don’t, they will go out of business entirely.

Don’t just take my word for it. Watch this horrific news clip…

Now if this is happening with Medicare, what do you suppose will happen when EVERYone is on a government system? Moreover, Medicare is completely broke so if the government tries to fix the reimbursement problem, they will have to cut costs elsewhere. The only other way to cut cost? Yep, you guessed it – deny coverage for various procedures.

Seniors take note: Your Medicare reimbursements will be further cut and your access to treatment will suffer as care is rationed – and that’s BEFORE Obama socializes the entire health care industry. After he does, then you will still suffer; just along side your children and grandchildren.

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