8/28 Rally in DC – ToBeRIGHT Meet Up & Caravan

Restoring Honor – 8/28 – will be held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. ToBeRIGHT will (of course!) be there. Since there are many friends, family and Twitter friends who are also going, I’m posting a place and time for a meet up and caravan.

Been There, Done That…

Since I have lived in northern VA just about my entire life, I’ve been to many dozens of events on the Mall. I’ve been to countless Fourth of July celebrations, a couple Marine Corps Marathons, the 9/12 event in 2009 and many more. It is also noteworthy that I really can’t stand riding on the Metro. 🙂 Getting in on the Metro will be just fine, but you’ll still have a good mile walk when you get off. When it’s over, the Metro will be PACKED. Plan on walking back (the mile) and then standing in a herd of people packed together all trying to get back into northern VA. Not me. I’ll walk to my car, get in and drive home.

This plan to drive in will require some walking – probably between a 1/2 mile if we’re luck to 1 1/2 miles if we’re not. The Lincoln Memorial is not near ANYTHING.

Timing – When to Get There

I’ll be driving in to DC in the early morning of 8/28. The rally starts at 10:00, Which means by 8:00 it will be a madhouse trying to get into town and secure a good spot in front of the Lincoln Memorial. That’s why I’m going early. To drive, I plan on pulling into my parking place at 7:30. That should give plenty of time to walk to the Lincoln Memorial and find a decent spot. Maybe even trek over to Starbucks and grab a cup with time to spare (this may be wishful thinking).

Where and When to Meet Up

The Meet Up will be at Oak Marr Park in Oakton, VA. Here’s a Google Map of Oak Marr. Oak Marr is a good spot because the parking lot is always open, and it is very close to Rt. 66, which we’ll take into town.

I’ll be in the Oak Marr Recreation Center parking lot at 6:30 am. I’ll stay until 7:00, or until all the confirmed meet up people have arrived. We can arrange who’s riding in which car and head out.

When We Get to DC

This will be trickier if we have more cars in the caravan. My best hope is that there are spots open along Constitution Avenue and we get there early enough to get one. That would be sweet. Alternatively, we’ll proceed to the South/East side of the Mall where there will be lots of street parking. A guaranteed place to park is two blocks immediately to the South of the Capitol. This is at the extreme opposite end of the Mall from the rally site and a good 1 1/2 mile walk. (This is also the best place to park for the 9/12 rally.)

If there is more than 1 car and we get separated, we’ll just use cell phones to meet up once on the steps of the Memorial.

As of August 18, there are 4 of us confirmed for the meet up. I’ll continue to post updates as more folks want to meet up.


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