Americans Come Together – In Spite of Obama

The Democrats are doing their darned best to divide and conquer the people of America.  And we’re kicking and screaming all the way.  Too many politicians and pundits talk about how we are becoming increasingly Balkanized, separated by group and fighting against one another.

I disagree.

Since the Summer of 2009 – the Summer of the Town Hall protests – my feeling is that we are coming together like never before.

The left has always considered humanity in terms of color, race, creed, etc.  But not the right.  The difference was that although conservatives never thought of humanity in this perverse way, we didn’t pay much attention to the lefties who DID promote that way of thinking.  So as college campuses have the Gay Students Association, The Black Students Association, The Islamic Student Association, Transgendered Students Association, and on and on…  we largely chalked it up to a left over remnant of the 60’s and assumed the nutty college kids would soon get smart.  Meanwhile, we conservatives went about our work providing for our families and striving for achievement.

Then Barack Obama came to power.

All of the sudden, these stupid groups that formed on college campuses, were the same people at the head of our government!

The result?  The rest of us – all the normal people – got fed up and have come together.

Never before has there been such a popular uprising by NORMAL, hard working people from all socioeconomic circumstances.  The Tea Party Movement, the revival of the conservative movement and now the apparent resurgence of the Republican party.  We are surging because we have come together.

Peggy Noonan has an interesting, if a little gloomy, piece in the WSJ.  She makes a lot of excellent points but I think comes to the wrong conclusions: We are not falling apart, we are coming together, and this is not scary, but healthy.  Maybe we can snap the country back to where it belongs.

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