Congressman Baron Hill is a Disgrace

Baron HillI was listening to the Chris Plante Show yesterday morning on WMAL AM 630 in Washington DC and he was talking about this clown from Indiana, Barron Hill (D – 9th). Apparently, Hill does not think that the people he serves have any say in how he runs his congressional office. News flash: they do! This guy seems to forget that he works FOR the people who elected him to represent them.

So here is Hill telling a college student that she can’t video tape the Town Hall meeting…

And here is the link to my conversation with Chris Plante…

Click Here to Listen to ToBeRight’s Conversation with Chris Plante

ToBeRight’s Conversation with Chris Plante

At least the leftists have not implemented the Fairness Doctrine and I still have the freedom to call into a radio program. If the leftists have their way, that freedom will go away…


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