Constitution 1 – Obama 0

The good people of Missouri gave an enthusiastic repudiation of Barack Obama on Tuesday, by overwhelmingly passing Prop C.   The President should understand that this is not just about health care, but also about personal freedom and State rights too.

Proposition C found its way on to the Missouri ballot on Tuesday.  Prop C says a lot of very interesting things, all of which the Obama administration would be wise to understand.  The text of the law reads, in part:

No law or rule shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system.

The operative words here are “compel” and “participate.”  The Constitution was written specifically to prevent the government from compelling and citizen to participate in anything.  Rather, it provides for what the Federal government is allowed to do.  Among those enumerated powers, the power to compel an individual to buy something – anything – does not exist.

The text that appeared on the ballot was refreshing to see.  It read, in part:

Deny the government authority to penalize citizens for refusing to purchase private health insurance or infringe upon the right to offer or accept direct payment for lawful healthcare services?

What is striking here is that this language is necessary in the first place.  What a crisis we’re in when a State must proclaim that the government does not have the authority to penalize a citizen for NOT participating in commerce of one kind or another?

The measure passed by a 3 to 1 margin.  3 to 1!

This should (though I doubt it will) be a clear message to the Obama administration and to the vocal minority of leftists prowling the country: We don’t want what you’re peddling.  What the leftists and Obama himself don’t seem to understand is that the Tea Party movement, the conservative movement and an increasing number of unaffiliated Americans are not interested in becoming socialists.

It isn’t about race.  It isn’t about Obama himself.  It isn’t about party politics.

It IS about people wanting to be left alone to pursue their lives, unencumbered by an overbearing government.  When the government can tell you what to buy, when to buy it and how much to pay for it, it has indeed become overbearing (to say the least!).

It is not clear if Obama understands this.  If he does, it is not clear whether or not he cares.  What is clear is that ObamaCare has poked a finger into the eye of the American spirit, and he would do well to back away carefully and let us set about the work of repealing this power-grab.  If the Missouri vote is any indication of the 2010 national election, the American spirit is going to force Obama’s retreat, render him useless for two years, and then we’ll be free to repair the damage he has caused to the Republic.


  1. Great post, Harry. This has to be one of the most concise, yet complete descriptions of how Obamacare goes against all things Constitutional. Hopefully, this will carry over to November 2 and we can begin the reversal process.

  2. Does anyone else have the feeling I have that we are seeing a new political party/structure being born at an astounding rate? It seems to me that if November goes as some predict, we will see an amalgamation of many of the so called tea parties and many independents into a new, and perhaps majority political party. If so, I would expect the moderate to moderately left Democrats and the moderately left Republicans to throw in together and the far left democrats and far right Republicans to be marginalized. This election result from Missouri strengthens that thought. The electorate does certainly appear to be attempting to reclaim their constitutional power.

    I have said this before, and then I started hearing others say it: this administration and President Obama may be one of the better things that have happened to this country in many, many years in that it may well have awakened the populace and stopped if not reversed the slide toward socialism.

    My congratulations and thanks to the voters of the great State of Missouri for speaking out so loudly and clearly. I only hope others follow suit quickly. I would say Missouri needs to change its nickname from “the show-me state” to the “I’ll show you” state.

  3. Thanks for the kind comment LD.

    Very interesting, mrbb! I am inclined to agree with you… Sort of… 🙂

    There is definitely a re-alignment going on. Except i would agrue that it will settle into existing Republican and Democrat alliances. I think that the line will be drawn somewhere just left of centeer and extend well into the libertarian right. The 20 % in the middle will align with the R’s because the far left dominates the Democrats. And the libertarians will join in with e R’s because they will understand that 1) libertarian/3rd party condidates will never win and 2) the influence of the tea partiers will bring the Republicans in line, so they’ll vote R.

    The result will be a dominant republican party for at least a few election cycles. My hope is that we snap so far to the right we can undo some of the damage done in the past 50 years. (No, my liberal readers, I am not talking about undoing civil rights….sheesh.)

  4. Harry, you may be right. Time will tell. In the flyover part of the country, though, I am sensing some real dissatisfaction with the current structure. I don’t know if it goes deep enough to cause new parties with the voters giving up on the possibility of repairing them and just starting fresh or whether they will just take over the existing parties. Either way I think we are in for some interesting times. In a hundred years the historians should have a ball describing, understanding and interpreting today’s events.

    What I am seeing and trying to understand today is as earthshaking to me as the fall of the Russian Empire and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Perhaps others don’t see it or understand it this way, but I have seen the section of the wall that is on display at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri (of course it would be in Missouri). One side, the side facing the East and government control is blank, cold, pristine. The other side, the side facing the West and the hope of freedom, is covered with graffiti and anti-communist slogans; it seems almost alive. To me that signifies the strength of people’s desire for basic freedoms and liberties which communism and socialism limit or take away completely and what happens when people finally have had enough. All the walls start coming down. I am hoping that is what we are seeing today in another form.

  5. so is the gov’t not compelling us to buy auto insurance already?

  6. No, not at all. There are no comparisons that can be made with auto insurance. Here’s why:

    1) You buy auto insurance because of the danger you pose to OTHER people and their property.

    2) Auto insurance regulations are issued by the STATE, not the federal government. Many states allow for uninsured motorists.

    3) If you don’t want to drive, don’t. If you decide you don’t want a car and thus, don’t need insurance (in case you injure someone else), you don’t have to.

    In short, states control auto insurance regulations, insurance is primarily in case you hurt someone else’s body or property, and you don’t have to drive.

    No comparison.

  7. Just a thought here… Not too many years ago, Minnesotan’s elected Jesse Ventura to office. Everyone was shocked, and the reason he was elected were varied.. Mostly however, I believe it was that the citizens were fed up with the leftist elite that had controlled Minnesota for years. That event, and it was an event, rocked the nation, and I think was a beck and call for people fed up with the powers that be to awaken, and do something about it. Far be it to say that he was effective, but having elected him did serve a purpose… It got people out to vote. Don’t underestimate the power of the vote. Hopefully we will see the same thing happen again on a national scale and get a house cleaning that is sorely needed.

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