Deputy Attorney General Thomas Perez is a Liar

Deputy Attorney General Thomas Perez Lies Under Oath

Megyn Kelly will air an interview with J. Christian Adams today. Adams says that the Deputy AG LIED under oath about the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

We’ve been saying for months that Holder is a political hack, and an incompetent one at that. But this takes the cake. Kelly’s interview is sure to be interesting. I hope the Civil Rights Commission hammers Obama over this. There is no place for this kind of behavior from our Justice Department. The deputy AG and Eric Holder should both be fired. But the real guilty party here is Barack Obama himself…. Holder is such a boob, there is no way he did this without consulting Barry. Obama’s fingerprints are all over this one and he should be ashamed.

Let’s hope that there is enough common sense and decency left in the system so that it holds corrupt individuals accountable for their actions. Top to bottom, this stinks.

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