HealthCare Passes – Where to From Here?

Sick of getting hit over the head? I am. Every day I sit slack-jawed in front of the computer or TV as I watch the daily news unfold. Usually I end up yelling at the screen at some point. One thing after another: one insult after another; one accusation after another; one assault on freedom after another; one talking head after another excusing tyranny with tortured logic…it never ends.

The last post in these pages was “If Obamacare Passes.” News flash (to self): It did. When that happened, it was like being punched in the stomach. While there was genuine energy behind acting to defeat it, there was also a sense of being not just approaching a cliff, but of having driven over the edge. It took a month and a half to catch a breath.

During this hiatus from a written defense of freedom, there were phone calls – a lot of them. Mostly to Congressman Gerry Connolly’s office. I even have his number memorized. Finally one day a snotty staffer told me that “based on your correspondence with this office, I don’t think you’ll change your mind anyway.” So I figured, why bother – Connolly is forever lost to the dark side. I must say, however, there was a certain sense of catharsis in calling his office every day and telling some kool-aid drinking staffer that we were going to have them fired in November.

Now we’re on what is called “immigration.” Except what we’re dealing with is not “immigration” at all. The current situation is about illegal aliens. Even on the usually reliable Fox News Channel, the correspondents have started talking about the “immigration issue.” It makes me want to scream, “they are ALIENS, not immigrants!” Now I get to see every talking head from the idiotic high school Vice Principle in California to the President himself tell me that I must subordinate my patriotism to the sensibilities of illegal aliens, lest they have their feelings hurt or, God forbid we actually identify them as being what they are. But it is worse than a subordination of patriotism: It is being called a racist. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being called a racist by every Marxist and crooked politician.

It is clear that the politicians will not stop accusing people like me (the worst – a white, male, self-employed, conservative!) of being racists. The politicians won’t stop, the community agitators won’t stop. The political hacks on the Sunday talk shows won’t stop. The illegal aliens and the groups that support them won’t stop. In the face of all this overwhelming assault on our honor and decency, I found a simple solution: They want it to be about race? Okay – now it IS about race. How do you think they’ll like that? Will that help? Will it really? Let me tell you something – if all of these demagogues who accuse us of being racist were actually RIGHT, there would be riots in the streets. Could you imagine if we actually were the racists they portrayed us as being? We would be cast right back 50 years into the pre-civil rights era. Unfortunately, the cynic in me (the part that’s usually correct) thinks that if we were cast backwards 50 years in terms of race relations, the leftists would actually like this. Removing the advances in race relations would give the likes of Obama a foundation on which to build their Marxist castle – to the extent that they have not done so already. When people like me start saying, “okay, you asked for it, now it IS about race,” there’s gonna be a big problem. If people start resenting every Mexican-looking person, because we are bombarded by images of people draped in the Mexican flag demanding that we make them citizens – that is good for nobody. Especially the aforementioned Mexican-looking person. The solution: defeat the race-baiters, and get rid of the aliens.

Here are two small issues – Obamacare and illegal aliens. But the list goes on and on…a nuclear Iran, Cap and Trade, uncontrolled spending, financial industry take-over… Every day we get hammered with something new. There is too much to write here, but at least we started.

So…with all that off my chest, what do we do? Where do we go from here? We’ve taken a step back after the Obamacare abomination and taken a deep breath. Now we’re ready – singularly focused: Elect conservatives in November. This is the mission. We will let the hurled insults of racist and bigot slip off our backs like water off a duck’s ass. We’ll do it all: Blog, Tweet, talk to our neighbors, volunteer for conservative campaigns, attend political committee meetings, inform our friends, read books and get informed…we will bring an all out counter-assault on the Marxists who would destroy our country. Always thoughtfully, always peacefully – we will win on the massive weight of our superior arguments. We will win with our dedication to freedom and the founding principles of our country. We will win out of self preservation and in the words of the best democrat demagogue, we will win for our children.

Stand back, we’re going to fire a lot of people in November – I can’t wait.

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