Liberals Think the Constitution is a Racist Document

We’ve seen liberals and progressives (or whatever the fashionable title du jour of Marxists is) try to both re-write history and craft new rules for governance as their twisted view of Utopian madness evolves. The former is meant to strip any sense of context from our minds and create a sense of disenchantment with our founding; the latter is so that once history is learned anew, they can exert power over the citizenry and do so under rule of law, illegitimate as it may be.

Nowhere is this more pronounced than the in-vogue progressive pronouncement that support for State’s rights is tantamount to a pro-slavery position. This absurdity is showing up everywhere and in common leftist fashion, it is often veiled. I came across a great example on (go figure). Or how about this gem from

Modern states rights arguments, sometimes framed in 10th Amendment jurisprudence, are often a recycling of these older arguments about slavery.

There are many other examples, but you get the picture – progressives are so afraid of the Tea Party movement and about the popular uprising against bloated and ineffectual government, they are trying to categorize any and all detractors as racist, white hooded thugs who want to reinstate slavery. Really, it’s shameful. This vile propaganda has made its way into Virginia politics. There’s a great summary over at the College Republican Federation of Virginia. They’ve posed some hard hitting questions after Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chairman Tim Buchholz started calling Ken Cuccinelli a racist. Great work at the CRFV…we’re going to watch this one…

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