Media Excuses for CT Shootings

A maniac killed 9 people on Tuesday and the media is beginning to excuse it because of race.

You heard that right.

ABC News has a full length article about the terrible suffering that this worm dealt with at work – all because of the implied racists that worked there. The article uses 911 calls to further the narrative – each time a 911 caller referred to the killer as “a black guy” they highlighted it as proof that racism was rampant in the company.

I have a disgusting prediction to make:  I am betting that it is only a matter of time until the liberal news media tries to tie these killings to racism promoted by the Tea Party movement. I’ll bet you this happens!

Just like with the Virginia Tech massacre, the media is looking to blame someone, anyone but the killer. In this case, using racism as an excuse fits the current narrative perfectly. Just wait for the Tea Party tie in…it’s coming…

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